The Mark of The Beast is an understanding of a certain conceptual unity (the likes of which there are many examples of under the Tetratrys) That will be taken as fact if one will pursue it through one of two sides of a mystical duality. This unifying concept is; every single possible sexual act imaginable is a direct communication with the godhead (Brahman, The Tao, The Transcendent or The Absolute) and thus can create any mystical(intellectual) or magical(material) experience imaginable to the philosopher/magican if a powerful enough sexual act is accomplished (The secondary allusion of The Mark of The Beast is that every single act finds its birth in sexuality, which means that every single act is actually utterly sexual). This can be pursued through two disciplines (which are actually one): The study and application of Sacred Mathematics; or the study and application of Sexual Magic (which is fully comprehended through the study of Sacred Mathematics). Once one has fully comprehended the truth of this paradigm, they will have attained complete and utter certainty that god does not exist in the religious sense; and thus be forced to go through the tribulation of the Seven Seals of Revelations (what these lines of prophecy actually mean is your guess as good as mine, and up to discussion until they actually manifest.) It would be wise for one to brush up on; The Book of Revelations, The Religious Path of Thelema(primarily The Book of Law)and the Prophecies of Nostradamus before they entertain the fantasy that what I have said may possibly be true.

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