The Marshall Show

A parody of The Alvin Show starring characters from the Nick Jr PAW Patrol franchise, including some made-up characters, created by MarshallFan2015.


  • Marshall as Alvin
  • Chase as Simon
  • Rubble as Theodore
  • Ryder as Dave Seville
  • Mr. Porter as Clyde Crashcup
  • Cap'n Turbot as Leonardo
  • Farmer Yumi as Pictorial Crashcup
  • Jake as Sam Valiant
  • Ms. Marjorie as Mrs. Frumpington
  • Chickaletta as Sam the Eagle
  • Francois Turbot and Mr. Hudson as Police
  • Alex Porter as Bentley Van Rolls III
  • Carlos as Reese
  • Justina Goodway as Darace
  • Matea as Ostrich
  • Grover Goodway as Buffalo Bill
  • Ace Sorensen as Daisy Belle
  • Mailman as Baseball Champ
  • Gustavo Goodway as Billy Brown
  • Precious' Owner as Miss Fancy
  • Bayberry as Alexander
  • Butler of Barkingburg Castle as Neighbor
  • Danny as Chuck Wagon
  • Clown as Sam Merlin
  • The Judge as J.P. Lester
  • Fuzzy as George
  • Raimundo as King Malgin
  • Precious' Owner's Mom as Jeannie
  • Princess of Barkingburg as Ms. Goody
  • Santa Claus as Roger Marsell
  • Farmer Al as Harry
  • Otis Goodway as Thief
  • Dragon as Bear


  1. Chickaletta the Chicken
  2. Jake, Private Nose
  3. Squares
  4. Parrot
  5. Good Neighbor
  6. Precious' Owner
  7. Marshall's Alter-Ego
  8. Jake: Real Estate
  9. Camping Trip
  10. Overworked Marshall
  11. Dude Ranch
  12. Jungle Rhythm
  13. Alex Van Rolls
  14. Good Manners
  15. Little League
  16. Hillbilly Son
  17. Marshall's Cruise
  18. Love Sick Ryder
  19. Chicken in Love
  20. Rubble's Skunk
  21. Haunted House
  22. Marshall's Studio
  23. The Whistler
  24. Sir Marshall
  25. Disc Jockey
  26. Chicken Music

Theme Lyrics

This is the Marshall Show! The Marshall Show!

You're positively gonna love the Marshall Show.

There's Ryder. And what is more?

Here's the boy who giggles known as Rubble.

Now you see on camera three.

The brother known as Chase on the family tree.

And here's the star of the show!

Marshall! Marshall!

I am Mr. Porter Crashcup!

Mr. Porter Crashcup: the great inventor!

Ready? Here we go!

Here's the Marshall Show!


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