The Mask Theme is a Theme Song in The Mask: The Animated Series, an Animated TV series based on the Feature Film of the same name. It was sung by Rob Paulsen.

The Music is composed by Marc Shaiman with Lyrics by Scott Wittman.


I got you with my winnin' smile

I'm a livin' lesson in flair and style

You just can't help but stare at my savoir-faire

And I'm Nouveau, Deco, Roman-Greco, Rococo, Barroco

Be-bop, hip-hop, flip flop

Somebody stop me

Pretty Viridian faces like mine

Don't come a dime a dozen

I stand out of the crowd

They went, they made me, yeah, they broke the mold

Wholesome and kind, staid and refined

Totally out of my mind

Arch-villains and ne'er do wells

Had better learn to decorate prison cells

Green goes with anything if they ask, see?

Well there's one last thing I gotta sing about

Open up wide and really shout

Ohhhhhhh, LOOK OUT!

This is the Mask



Shaiman and Wittman chose the following clips from the Episodes.

The Mask: The Animated Series

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