The Alternate Version of the Theme Song of The Mask: The Animated Series is also featured in international airings, most notably New Zealand and Australia. It is sung by Jim Carrey, who also sang the Original Theme.

The Music is composed by Marc Shaiman, with Lyrics written by Scott Wittman, whom they both made the Original Theme.


I'm a Lean, Mean, Green Machine

Maniac behind the Balihoo

Got an Hyper-active Mayhem Gene

And that's my Gig Babe, it's what i do

And i come spinning into Town

Got everyone seeing Red

By the time i'm done

They'll be seeing Green instead!


The City's acting kinda smedgy

Trust me to things right


Hear the news, Another drive-by Wedgie

Freaky Monsters looking for a fight


Time for a Costume change

Then take 'em for a spin

4, 3, 2, 1, go!

Let the Games begin

Somebody stop me!


I'm not any ordinary Superhero

Not your everyday

Spandex-wearing Zero

Did some say, "It's Party Time"

Do you even have to ask?

Anytime Ready or not

Look Out!

I am the Mask!



It has also been used in many syndications of many Digimon Animes.

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