This series is a railway show.


Trusty 8886

CSX 8886 discovers a bridge on the WestRail Massachusetts Main Line has cracks in it. He warns everyone to not cross it. CSX 8888 does not listen. Later, 8888 has to collect some tanker cars loaded with Pepsi to go a bottling plant. The fastest where is to cross the bridge. As 8888 rides across it, he derails and tilts sideways. Then, the bridge starts to collapse. Meanwhile, CSX 8889 told 8886 that 8888 crossed the bridge. 8886 arrives at the bridge and rerails 8888 and pulls him off the bridge, just in time. 8888 promises to always listen to 8886 from now on.


  • First episode of TMRS.
  • Debuts of CSX 8888, CSX 8886, and CSX 8889.
  • Cameos and debuts of CSX 8392, AWVR 777, AWVR 1206, LLPX 2601, AWVR 767, CSX 8666, UP 119, CP 60 (The Jupiter), and CSX 3102.

Respect for 777

AWVR 777 has a rattle in his fuel tank and when CSX 8888, AWVR 1206 and UP 119 begin teasing him. 777 decides the diesels and steamies don't respect him as much as he thinks they should, so he begins pushing to the front at the fueling pumps, claiming sole right to docking at platforms and insisting on being greeted with a blast of the horn. When AWVR 1206 ignores his demands, 777 is furious and doesn't look where he's going, crashing into some jam tankers. 777 is sent to a locomotive re-builder and 1206 and 119 take turns to pull local freights. The two locomotives realize pulling local freights is an important job, and so when 777 comes back everyone accepts his apology and starts a tradition of blasting the horn to each other as they pass.


  • Appearences of CSX 8888, AWVR 777, AWVR 1206, and UP 119.
  • Cameos by LLPX 2601, CP 60 (The Jupiter), and CSX 2558.

Where's The Brake?

CSX 2558 warns LLPX 2601 and CP 60 (The Jupiter) about coming off the ground, but 2601 and The Jupiter don't listen and take their freight trains. Soon, as they're racing down CSX 8889's Hill, their engineers think the brakes are somewhere and the two locomotives can't stop in time and get into their terrible accidents: 2601 crashes into a flatcar and off the line and The Jupiter crashes into a barber shop. UP 119 helps them back on the line and Lord Fatboy scolds 2601 and The Jupiter for not listening to CSX 2558 and CSX 8888's advices and punishes them by letting them do shunting in the yards for two days.

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