The Meeting is Episode 1 of John and the Creepy Crawlies, a side-series of I'm a Creepy Crawly.


When orphan John attacked a wasp's nest, he meets a talking one and helps her out. Then she introduces him to a whole group of talking creepy crawlies. Read on it to see what happens.


John "Tough Guy" Stewie

The Creepy Crawlies

More Characters To Be Seen Later In The Series


John Stewie was sitting at his window with nothing to do.

John: Hmmm. What should I do?

Then he notices a wasp's nest in a tree next to his window.

John: Ah-ha! I know what.

*In the nest*

Wasp was in her nest, waiting for an attack at any moment.

Wasp: Hmm. Sure is boring.

Then suddenly, the nest was struck by John, who had grabbed a baseball bat. The nest then hit the sidewalk below.

Wasp: *Groan* I'm okay...I think.

The wasps fly out of the nest. Wasp tries to fly away with them, but her wing is broken and she falls back down.

Wasp: Aiii! Help me!

John hears the scream.

John: Oh no. Someone needs help!

John quickly rushes down the stairs of his apartment and out onto the streets. He runs up to the nest and swats away the wasps and searches through the nest until he feels something.

John: Ah-ha! *Pulls out the injured wasp* Ooh. An injured wing. I think I'd better help.

John runs back to his room and wraps the wasp's wing with a cloth until she feels better.

Wasp: Thank you.

John: *Looks back* Huh? *Shrugs*

*A few days later*

John wakes up from a good night's rest and walks over to where the wasp was. The wasp then gets up and is flying again.

John: Good thing you're okay.

Wasp: Thank you, good sir.

John: Aah! *Loses his balance and knocks stuff over* You can talk?!

Wasp: Yes. You almost got rid of the only talking wasp.

John: Uh...okay. Well, are there any other talking insects?

Wasp: Yes, but there are not only insects.

Then a group of creepy crawlies show up.

John: Well... hello.

Creepy Crawlies: Hello.


*Sneak Peek of Episode 2*

In the next episode, the story continues as John gets trapped in a house with some of the Creepy Crawlies. Then at home, the rest of the creepy crawlies suspect one of them is a werewolf.

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