It goes quiet for many months and the group have started to get much more closer and start to learn to work together. Down at the base they all watch a report of a man who has just escaped from Langdon Hospital who is called William Work he was broken out by a van which is shown in the cctv of someone in a army jacket and a white van. All ready the group suspect it could be Kim Knight and the rest of her group because it looks bad but they are sure in the video its Hannah Farmer so Scott Curtis comes up with the idea of them all going to have a little sneak to see if they are right.

When the group look inside they look to see the man who is talked about in the video with the rest of the Kingsteigton Undead they think its best to be on guard should they all come after the group. With William this could make things even more harder for them. They all go back to the base and Scott stands in the nearby field. Soon he hears something behind him a girls voice saying so you know about William then Scott.

Scott looks to see a blond girl looking at him he asked who she is and how does she know his name she tells him that she is the First River however this cannot be because Scott is the first River and is sure this might be some kind of lie and someone who read about the Rivers history more than anything a fan. The girl tells her name as Becky Miles and thinks its time they had a spar to see how strong Scott really is.

In the fight Scott and Becky clash however without Scott being able to strike Becky one she is to strong and he loses the fight with her. Still unsure of how she could manage to beat him in the fight. She walks off and tells him she is looking out for him and to becareful.

Scott heads back and tells the others about what went on the others take interest but because there having a camp out they say rest on it because the carboot sale starts tomorrow and they are all going.

1-8 The Miles And Work Part 2

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