The Story starts with the group the day after Scott Curtis lost the fight with the girl known as Becky Miles as they are going to a carboot the group all head down to the the racecourse where it is being held. Together they all start having a look around to they see what looks like Kim Knight looking right at them. Scott Curtis with Maria Hart look to see her running away from them. Emma Davison quicky runs to find the others and get some back up.

Scott and Maria chase after Kim Knight and soon find she is also with William Work Scott split up and goes after William Work and soon finds himself going to have to fight with him the fight starts and its looking pretty bad for Scott. However he is then joined by Becky Miles together they manage to overpower William and knock him out. After the fight Becky appears to shake and she tells of how she has lost her power. Scott and Becky quickly run to find Maria and soon they find Maria and Emma with Zack Zindine and also with Dean Reardon fight with Kim Knight.

Scott and Becky also get ready to fight and when Kim finds the numbers are to great to fight back quickly runs away from the group. Becky meets Maria, Emma, Zack, and Dean for the first time

Becky is then told of how she cannot be the First River and Scott explains about the Rivers she listens to him and thinks that maybe she was wrong. Becky then starts to ask a bit of help should she need it one day. Scott offers yes however she looks at Emma and tells her she is the one who can only help her. Becky takes down Emmas Mobile number before saying goodbye and walking off.

The group then head back to the base and think about what has just taken place and how they feel they have not seen the last of Becky Miles.

1-9 Picking The Right Side Part 1

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