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The Millennial City Project is a collaborative effort to define new social structures for the third millennium. This project aims to define the better structure of a city in the real world. (If you want a city on the internet, try: Intertown.)

Note: The Millennial City Project has evolved into America 2029. You can visit the website at

Millennial City encompasses all aspects of society: government, education, jobs, social services, entertainment, city planning, tourism, and much more.

Millennial City draws on the best practices available in the early 21st century and significant creativity and vision about the direction in which society could head. It describes what seems to work and what might work without using politicized labels such as capitalism, socialism, conservative, liberal, anti-whatever, etc.

Millennial City is based on several Founding Documents, which are explanatory in nature. From there, documents can be an combination of explanatory and fictionalized text. This approach allows for the genesis of new entities. First someone imagines a reality, then someone else tries it out and updates the document, and before you know it, real people are making dramatic changes to the real world.

To allow for this blur between reality and fiction while still creating a meaningful document, all entries should explicitly include a reference to whether an entity is "legendary" or "documented," with documentation including a reference to an external web site.

The Millennial City Project consists of people from all walks of life. Many people, such as government representatives and educators, are interested in creating the change themselves. Others, such as writers and marketing experts, use the Millennial City Project as a vehicle for experimentation and creativity.

Millennial City Subprojects

  • Millennial Principles
  • Millennial Tools
  • Millennial Education
  • Millennial Corporations
  • Living Widgets
  • Millennial Government
  • Millennial Marketing
  • Millennial Investing
  • Millennial Entertainment
  • Millennial Workplace
  • Millennial Communities

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