Ellie was did a trick and Patty freezes and Ellie tells her that Patty was telling her to clean the hall.

Ellie did the trick on everyone and they started to attack her.

Ellie reverse's the trick by putting blue clay on everyone's heads.

Ellie answered to her friends she would never do the trick again. 

Ellie put her fingers near her left cheek and put her hand down to her neck before she knew it she tricked her own mind into answering her friends about stopping herself from doing the trick. 

(Ellie froze and blinked). 

Wow where'd you guys come from?

Patty, Niki and Gina were confused and they knew that the answer was'nt  told properly.

Ellie: What's your name? 

Previous: Lenny's Ghost.

By: Roc.

The Mind Trick (Technique).

A techineque that causes personality changes, simmilar to the Phoneutria Bahenisis effects.

Ellie made this techineque by making a potion from cabbage juice and  barbercue suace.

By: Roc.

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