One day, in Christmastown, the Bob Band was performing.

"How are the babies?" asked Santa.

"See for yourself, Santa!" said Bob.

They noticed a microphone in Blitzen's hand. Santa said "You'll be a superstar in no time!"

"Wee, wee, wee" said Blitzen.

Then the two people, Heatmiser and Snowmiser walked out.

Heat Miser said, "So, today's the day, huh, blizzard brain?"

"Same day every week, inferno face" said Snow Miser.

"Today, we need to do something." said Heat Miser.

To this, Snow Miser replied "OK, hot head."

Then they heard a CRACKLE and BOOM.

"Now, boys, we need me as a drummer for "The Mothers", a garage band". said Mother Nature.

"Yes, Mother Dear" they both replied.

Then they went to see the rest of the family: Earthquake, Snow Miser, Heat Miser, Lightning, Thunder, The Tides, North Wind and Mother Nature.

Then they looked at North Wind.

"Tonight, I will make an orchestra of purple people." he said. "And they WILL beat us!"

Then the two went home.


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