The Missing Christmas Tree is the final episode of Season 11, and the last episode to air on the Disney Channel, of Friturtoons.


It is the twenty-third of December and the final preparations are being made for a carol party to be held at a biker bar near the railroad crossing where CSX 8886 crashed.

Viscose Company 6 is sent to collect the Christmas tree, but on the way back runs into a snowdrift and is covered by an avalanche. The engines grow angry waiting for 6 to return, but soon the word spreads and the engines feel sorry for him.

CSX 8889 goes to the rescue and saves Viscose Company 6 and the precious cargo. The tree arrives on time and everyone is delighted when Jimbo arrives with the guest of honour, Santa Claus.


  • This was the final episode to air on the Disney Channel, and the final one to be narrated by Little Miss Naughty.
  • This episode was dedicated in memory of the victims of Red Wings Airlines Flight 9268, which the aircraft, a Tupolev Tu-204, broke up after the overrun of Runway 19 at Moscow Vnukovo International Airport following a flight from Pardubice Airport, Czech Republic, killing 5 of its crew of 8 (there were no passengers).


  • As Viscose Company 6 crashes into the snow, he looks more annoyed than surprised.
  • When the engines whistle loudly CSX 8884 and AWVR 1206 are smiling and CSX 8889 has Edward's cross face.
  • When the narrator says "He set off once more to finish his long journey", on the left side of the screen the space between the leaves and the tree is green.
  • If Viscose Railway 6 was returning with the Christmas tree, then CSX 8889 should have come up in front of him.

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