TheTrainboy43DisneyStyle's movie spoof of The Emperor's New Groove.


  • Human Kuzco - AiAi (Super Monkey Ball)
  • Llama Kuzco - Thomas The Tank Engine
  • Pacha - Cooler (Pound Puppies)
  • Human Yzma - Dawn Bellwether (Zootopia)
  • Kronk - Knuckles The Echidna
  • Angel Kronk - Silver The Hedgehog
  • Devil Kronk - Shadow The Hedgehog
  • Chicha - Nose Marie (Pound Puppies)
  • Chaca - Bright Eyes (Pound Puppies)
  • Tipo - Whopper (Pound Puppies)
  • Bucky the Squirrel - Hopparoo (Tickety Toc)
  • Mudka's Meat Hut Waitress - Madame Au Lait (Tickety Toc)
  • Jaguars - Red Dogs (Jungle Cubs)
  • Theme Song Guy - Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Rudy the Old Man - Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Man for Bride Choosing - Battersby (Tickety Toc)
  • Peasent Near Yzma - Nick Wilde (Zootopia)
  • Misty the Llama - Daisy (Thomas & Friends)
  • Mudka's Meat Hut Chef - McCoggins (Tickety Toc)
  • Birthday Singers - Toys on the Birthday Train (The Little Engine That Could)
  • Chess Players - Tigger and Pooh (Winnie The Pooh)

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