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The Most Important - BJ and Bowser Edition is a Friturtoons episode made by SuperMalechi.


A stuck-up big diesel engine (a made-up Friturtoons character) boasts that he is the most important, which Barney and Bob ask Donkey Kong, Thomas, Diddy Kong and Edward what the diesel has said. BJ and Bowser argue who's the most important and get more Unown from Bob and Fergus. Then, both BJ and Bowser walk off and start racing down the lin, but as they know it, they make the diesel fall off the rails, tumbling down the cliff and land on the river and splashing water all over Mario. When Mr. Krabs hears about this, he scolds BJ and Bowser for not listening to Bob, Fergus and Duck's advices and making the diesel fall off the cliff and gives them a punishment by staying in the sheds for two months. 

Featured Characters

  • Barney
  • Bob
  • Donkey Kong
  • Thomas
  • Diddy Kong
  • Edward
  • BJ
  • Bowser
  • Mr. Krabs
  • The Diesel/D745/Class 45 (a made-up Friturtoons character)
  • Duck
  • Fergus


  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis.
  • US Narrator: Duane Lawrence.
  • Like the Thomas & Friends characters (the engines and vehicles), the diesel (not confused with D261, also known as The Diesel) has a grey face.


  • Narrator: It was a splendid day on Friturtoon Town. Mr. Krabs had sent Mario to help Barney and the Other Friturtoons at a mountain line. They were busy working on the foundation for the mountain line. A new big diesel was helping his driver put a sign: "Don't go on the cliff or you might fall off".
  • Barney: There. All finished.
  • Narrator: Replied Barney.
  • Mario: I am so proud of you.
  • Narrator: Said Mario.
  • The Diesel: Outta the way, idiots!
  • Narrator: Teased the diesel.
  • The Diesel: Something important coming through.
  • Barney: What makes so so important?
  • Narrator: Barney said.
  • The Diesel: Diesel oil.
  • Narrator: Rattled the diesel.
  • Bob: We're important too.
  • Narrator: Said Bob.
  • The Diesel: But I'm the most important.
  • Narrator: Said the diesel.
  • Mario: He's a bit cheeky.
  • Narrator: Said Mario, as he walked away. So, Barney and Bob went to tell Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Thomas and Edward about it.
  • Barney: We heard that the diesel is the most important.
  • Donkey Kong: We heard it too.
  • Bob: Are you important too, Donkey Kong?
  • Donkey Kong: Yes. Bananas make me the most important.
  • Barney: Are you important too, Diddy Kong?
  • Diddy Kong: Yes. Attacking enemies are the most important
  • Bob: Are you important too, Thomas?
  • Thomas: Yes. Being a really useful engine makes me the most important.
  • Barney: Are you important too, Edward?
  • Edward: Yes. Pulling coaches and frieght cars makes me the most important.
  • Narrator: And they all agreed with Barney and Bob. When Mario returned, he could see that everyone was talking about who's the most important...even BJ and Bowser!
  • BJ: I'm the most important.
  • Narrator: Said BJ.
  • Bowser: I am!
  • Narrator: Roared Bowser.
  • Bowser: I can haul anything last time than anything else!
  • Narrator: But before their crew could stop, they were off to get even bigger loads of Unowns. BJ was getting the biggest load he could carry.
  • BJ: More!
  • Narrator: Yelled BJ. So was Bowser.
  • Bowser: More!
  • Narrator: Yelled Bowser.
  • Fergus: I think that was enough.
  • Narrator: Said Fergus politefully.
  • Bowser: More and hurry!
  • Fergus: If you say so.
  • (Bowser runs off. Cut to BJ and Bowser racing past Duck)
  • Duck: BJ! Bowser!
  • Narrator: Duck whistled.
  • Duck: Slow down!
  • Narrator: Mario could see BJ and Bowser were heading for trouble.
  • BJ: I'm the most important!
  • Narrator: Scoffed BJ.
  • Bowser: I am!
  • Narrator: Roared Bowser.
  • BJ: I am!
  • Bowser: I am!
  • Narrator: Suddenly, they saw the diesel coming towards them.
  • The Diesel: Look out!
  • Narrator: Shouted the diesel.
  • The Diesel: Woah!!
  • Narrator: The diesel went to a siding, as BJ and Bowser stopped, very surprised. Then, it happened! The diesel hit the buffers, fell down the cliff and landed on the river with a splash. Water splashed all over Mario, as the diesel bursted into flames.
  • Bowser: Flatten my Koopa claws!
  • Narrator: Shouted Bowser.
  • BJ: Not my fault!
  • Narrator: Called BJ.
  • Mario: My beautiful clothes!
  • Narrator: Wailed Mario. Soon, Duck brought Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs was cross with BJ and Bowser.
  • Mr. Krabs: BJ, Bowser! I am very dissapointed with you!
  • Narrator: He said.
  • Mr. Krabs: You've caused a lot of trouble. And look at poor Mario! This diesel bursted into flames and splashed the water all over his clothes!
  • BJ: We're only trying to show who's the most important!
  • Narrator: BJ said.
  • Mr. Krabs: You're all part of the crew!
  • Narrator: Said Mr. Krabs.
  • Mr. Krabs: There's no such thing as most important!
  • Bowser: Not even this diesel?
  • Duck: You're right.
  • Narrator: Chuckled Duck.
  • Mr. Krabs: And, as punishment,...
  • Narrator: Boomed Mr. Krabs.
  • Mr. Krabs: You two will be suspended from work for two months!
  • BJ: Two months?!
  • Narrator: Groaned BJ.
  • BJ: You can't be serious!
  • Mr. Krabs: Yes, I am!
  • Narrator: Said Mr. Krabs.
  • Mr. Krabs: This should be long enough to think about what you've done.
  • Narrator: The diesel was completely smashed. He coudn't move, or run, or purr anymore. Barney and Bob arrived.
  • Barney: Serves BJ and Bowser right for getting themselves and the diesel into trouble.
  • Bob: What about this diesel?
  • Duck: I will take him to the scrapyard.
  • Narrator: Mario went to get his new clothes, as BJ and Bowser went to a deep shade of red. But everybody else had a good laugh, especially Barney and Bob.

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