("He Lives in You" plays in the beginning of the trailer)

Tagline: The circle of life continues in an all-new movie.

Jim Hawkins: We are part of each other.

Cody: My name's Wart.

Penny: I'm Alice.

(Cody and Penny got chased by the crocodiles)

Wreck-It Ralph: Oh, don't worry, Alice, Ralphie's coming.

Taran: The good news is, we found your daughter. The bad news is, we dropped a wreck-it guy on her.

Jim Hawkins: One day, I won't be here. And I need you to carry on in my place.

Saleen: (roars) These lands belong to Gaston.

Jim Hawkins: Get out!

Saleen: What is your destiny?

Wart: I will avenge Gaston.

Taran: Gaston! Gaston, oh heck of a guy. A little moody, but...

Jim Hawkins: (roars)

(Taran is scared)

Jim Hawkins: You are vanished with the other outsiders!

Derek: We are one.

Taran: Roar! Work with me!

(Alice roars)


Narrator: The Treasure King II: Jim's Pride. The circle of life continues in an all-new sequel. Only on your computer June 25th.

Tagline: Only on your computer June 25th, 2017.

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