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Brashi369's Movie Spoof Of The Princess & The Frog

Tiana (as a human)-Mat (Reader Rabbit)

Naveen (as a human)-Reader Rabbit

Tiana (as a frog)-Cassie (Dragon Tales)

Naveen (as a frog)-Ord (Dragon Tales)

Charlotte LaBeouf-Ariel (The Little Mermaid)


Ray-Scooter (Fly Me To The Moon)

Mama Odie-Kanga (Pooh)

Dr. Faciler-Ratbeard (Reader Rabbit's Math Ages 6-9) (Tigger Can't Be Dr.Faciler, Tigger Is Good & Dr. Faciler Is Evil)

Lawrence-Cheese (Reader Rabbit's Math Ages 6-9) (Hobbes Can't Be Lawrence, Hobbes Is Good & Lawrence Is Evil)

Young Tiana-Olivia (The Great Mouse Detective)

Young Charlotte LaBeouf-Jenny (Oliver & Company)

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