The Mouse King (SpeedyRockz Style)

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SpeedyRockz'sa Movies-Spoof of 'The Lion King'


  • Mickey Mouse as Mufasa
  • Minnie Mouse as Sarabi
  • Speedy Gonzales as Adult Simba
  • Fievel (An American Tail) as Young Simba
  • Pucca as Adult Nala
  • Gwen (Ben 10) as Young Nala
  • WALL-E as Zazu
  • Igor as Scar
  • The Oz (Fanboy and Chum Chum) as Rafiki
  • Woody (Toy Story) as Timon
  • Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) as Pumbaa
  • Sparks (Aliens in the Attic) as Shenzi

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