TeletoonHomeVideo's movie-spoofs and this is a parody of 1994 "The Swan Princess". June 16 2012

new cast far so known from:

  • Princess Odette - Eilonwy [The Black Cauldron]
  • Princess Odette [as a Swan] - Tanya [An American Tail 2]
  • Prince Derek - Taran [The Black Cauldron]
  • Jean-Bob - Young Simba [The Lion King]
  • Speed - Meeko [Pocahontas]
  • Puffin - Boomer [The Fox and the Hound]
  • King William - John Smith [Pocahontas]
  • Queen Uberta - Princess Aurora [Sleeping Beatuy]
  • Bromley - Friar Tuck [Robin Hood]
  • Lord Rogers - Timon [The Lion King]
  • Chamberlain - Mickey Mouse
  • Lord Rothbart - Governor Ratcliffe [Pocahontas]
  • Bridget the Old-Hag - Minnie Mouse
  • The Alligators - Crocodile Logs [Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs]
  • Lord Rothbart [as The Great Animal] - Wolf [Make Mine Music]

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