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  • the Mr. Men Show - Circus / Ships 6:00am
  • Muppet Babies - Noisy Neighbors 6:30am
  • Muppet Babies - Elm Street Babies 7:00am
  • Muppet Babies - Comic Capers 7:30am
  • Muppet Babies - the Case of the Chicken 8:00am
  • Muppet Babies - Fun Park Fantasies 8:30am
  • the Muppet Show - Vincent Price 9:00am
  • the Muppet Show - Don Knotts 9:30am
  • the Muppet Show - Valerie Harper 10:00am
  • the Muppet Show - John Cleese 10:30am
  • the Muppet Show - Petula Clark 11:00am

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