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  • Cast
  • Cody(The Rescuers Down Under)-Kermit
  • Penny(The Rescuers)-Miss Piggy
  • Katie(Total Drama)-Camilla
  • Justin(Total Drama)-Gonzo
  • Chien Po(Mulan)-Fozzie Bear
  • Wart/Arthur(The Sword In The Stone)-Robin
  • Duncan(Total Drama)-Sam The Eagle
  • Nigel Uno(Codename:Kids Next Door)-Zoot
  • Beast Boy(Teen Titans)-Animal
  • Robin(Teen Titans)-Floyd Pepper
  • Ace(Powerpuff Girls)-Dr.Teeth
  • Raven(Teen Titans)-Janice
  • Edd*Double D*(Ed,Edd,n,Eddy)-Scooter
  • Eduardo(Foster's Home)-Sweetums
  • Owen(Total Drama)-Rowlf The Dog
  • Mr.Burns(The Simpsons)-Dr.Bunsen Honeydew
  • Mr.Smithers(The Simpsons)-Beaker
  • Chef Hatchet(Total Drama)-Swedish Chef
  • Mr.Fibb (Codename:Kids Next Door)-Waldorf
  • Mr.Wink(Codename:Kids Next Door)-Statler
  • Doktor Frogg(League of Super Evil)-Crazy Harry
  • Ed(Ed,Edd,n,Eddy)-Lew Zealand
  • King Julien(Penguins of Madagascar)-Marvin Suggs
  • Beast(Beauty and The Beast)-Doglion
  • Wilt(Foster's Home)-Big Bird
  • Judge Claude Frollo(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)-Doc Hopper
  • Amos Slade(The Fox and The Hound)-Max
  • Clayton(Tarzan)-Snake Walker
  • Dr. Facilier(The Princess and The Frog)-Professor Krassman

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