This is done Season 4 style!


Cold Open

Little Miss Sunshine is attacked by Scoff, Doglion, Thog, Sweetums, Green Frackle and Pink Frackle!

Theme Song

Statler and Waldorf meet Mr. Grumpy while Gonzo's horn makes a rainbow.

Opening Acts

Little Miss Sunshine plays Party In Pink with the Electric Mayhem Band.


Kermit, Snake Frackle, Dr. Teeth, Miss Piggy, Scooter, Fozzy Bear, Gonzo the Whatever and Floyd are watching a TV Special on CBC.

Muppet Labs

Mr. Jelly and Mr. Pernickety take over the show.

UK Spot

Mr. Rude sings The Rainbow Connection with Mr. Tickle on banjo.

Closing Finale

Little Miss Sunshine sings Manamana, then gathers with Kermit, Dudley Moore, Bloo, Joe and Blue with Steve, Zamboni and Steve the Alien, Mr. Grumpy and Link Hogthrob.

My Orchestra Pit

Phineas as the conductor

Candace on saxophone

Isabella on double bass

Jeremy on guitar

Linda on harp

Lawrence on trumpet

Suzy on drums

Baljeet on spoons

Ferb on piano

Doofenshmirtz on violin (Season 1-4)


Brass section (Candace, Lawrence), Jeremy, Doofenshmirtz, Phineas, Linda, Baljeet, Suzy, Ferb, Izzy, Perry and Stacy on triangle bells (Seasons 2-5)

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