The Muppet Show Players Present Sesame Street is a suggested Muppet Show concert for ages 3 and up where the Muppet Show characters appear as Sesame Street characters.


Each character uses the portrayed character's voice.

  • Sweetums as Big Bird
  • Uncle Deadly as Oscar the Grouch
  • Rizzo the Rat as Elmo
  • Miss Piggy as Abby Cadabby
  • Kermit the Frog as Ernie
  • Fozzie Bear as Bert
  • Animal as Cookie Monster
  • Gonzo as Grover
  • Janice as Zoe
  • Scooter as Telly Monster
  • Dr. Teeth as Count von Count
  • Annie Sue Pig as Rosita
  • Rowlf the Dog as Baby Bear
  • Denise the Pig as Prairie Dawn
  • Beauregard as Snuffy
  • Pepe the King Prawn as Murray Monster
  • Baskerville the Hound as Barkley
  • Robin the Frog as Slimey
  • Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker as Two-Headed Monster
  • Zoot as Hoots the Owl
  • Mean Mama as Grundgetta
  • Sam the Eagle as Herry Monster
  • Penguins as Honkers
  • Camilla as Ovejita


  • "Sesame Street Theme"
  • "Rubber Duckie"
  • "C is for Cookie"
  • "I Love Trash"
  • "The Batty Bat"
  • "Monster in the Mirror"
  • Animal's Letter of the Day
  • "Elmo's Song"
  • "Doin' the Pigeon"
  • "Put Down the Duckie"
  • "Fuzzy and Blue (and Orange)"
  • "What's the Name of That Song?"
  • Dr. Teeth's Number of the Day
  • "Sing"


  • Caroll Spinney as Sweetums and Uncle Deadly (voice)
  • Ryan Dillon as Rizzo the Rat and Zoot
  • Leslie Carrara-Rudolph as Miss Piggy
  • Billy Barkhurst as Kermit the Frog
  • Eric Jacobson as Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and Uncle Deadly (puppeteering)
  • David Rudman as Animal, Rowlf the Dog and Beaker
  • Jennifer Barnhart as Janice
  • Martin P. Robinson as Scooter, Beauregard and Robin the Frog
  • Matt Vogel as Dr. Teeth, Sam the Eagle and Sweetums (body)
  • Carmen Osbahr as Annie Sue Pig and Camilla
  • Stephanie D'Abruzzo as Denise the Pig
  • Joey Mazzarino as Pepe the King Prawn and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
  • Pam Arciero as Mean Mama

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