The Muppets(All Star Cast) is an all Star Cast coming soon for The All Star Cast styles it will feature the 2011 Feature film of The Muppets.


Gary-Prince Derek


Tex Richman-Scar(TLK)

Uncle Deadly: Iago(Aladdin)

Bobo Bear:Brer Bear

Ursula(TLM): Miss Poogy

Vincent(Over the Hedge): Foozie Bear

Plankton: Kermoot

Maleficent: Janooice

Buster(Lady and the Tramp II): Roowlf

Kyle(Fanboy and Chum Chum): Animool

Veronica(CDE): Rarity(My Little Pony)

Jack Black: Himself

Muppets Guide Tour: Skipper(Madagascar)

Sheriff(Cars): Grandfather

Hobo Joe: Grandpa Lemon

Punch Teacher Host: Dax(Operation Overdrive)

Human Walter: Hikaru(Magiranger)

Junior CDE Executive: Squilliam

Handy Manny; Postman

Kristen Schaal: Herself

Sarah Silverman: Herself

Unvision Executive: Himself

Fox Executive: Himself

NBC Executive: Himself

Aria Noelle Curzon: Herself as Waitress

Muppets(Cartoon/Live Action/Video Games)

Kermit the Frog: Spongebob Squarepants

Miss Piggy: Sandy Cheeks

Great Gonzo: Chicken Little(2005)

Rowlf the Dog: Goofy

Scooter: Ash Ketchum

Flyod Pepper: Eugene Krabs

Sanjay(Sanjay and Craig): Walter(Muppets)

Beaker: Banzai

Fozzie Bear: Yogi Bear

Rizzo the Rat: Remy the Rat

Link Hogthrob: Pumbaa

Muppet Newsman: Nick Fury

Lips: Tyzonn

Animal(Muppets): Po the Panda

Sam the Eagle: Optimus Prime

Marvin Suggs: Mitchell Musso

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew: Oscar Diggs(Oz the Great and Powerful 2013)

Zoot: Rayman

Beauregard: Patrick Star

Statler and Waldorf: Jafar and Hades

The Swedish Chef: Linguni(Ratatouille)

Dr. Teeth: Skids(Transformers)

Pepe the Prawn King: Marlin(Finding Nemo)

Beautiful Day Monster: Ironhide(Transformers)

Mahna Mahna: Johnny Test

Whatnot Hobos: Sideswipe, Dino(DOTM), Leadfoot

Janice: Cadence Flynn

Wayne(Muppets): Cosmo(TFOP)

Wanda(Muppets): Wanda(TFOP)

Nigel(Muppets): Vailant(2005)

Bobby Benson: Sebastian(TLM)

Camilia(Muppets): Spot(101 Dalmatians Series)

Sweetums: Bulkhead

80s Robot: Alpha 5

Lew Zealand: Frankie the Frog(MTR)

Crazy Harry: Annoying Orange

Cameo Guest Stars

Emily Blunt: Tori Hanson

James Carville: Delbert(Treasure Planet)

Lesile Feist: Cinderella(Disney)

Whoopi Goldberg: Shenzi

Selena Gomez: Melody(TLM2)

Neil Patrick Harris: Hawkeye

Judd Hirsch: Merlin the Wizard

John Krasinski:  Jayden(Power Rangers)

Rico Rodriguez: Digeo(Go Diego Go)

Mickey Rooney: Carl Fredricksen

Rob Corddry: Boom(SPD): Deleted Scenes Only

Billy Crystal: Himself:Deleted Scenes

Kathy Griffin: Herself: Deleted Scenes

Sarah Hyland: Herself: Deleted Scenes

Sterling Knight: Himself: Deleted Scenes

Wanda Sykes: Sid's Grandmother(Ice Age): Deleted Scenes

Danny Trejo as Prisoner: Grapefruit(Annoying Orange): Deleted Scene

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