The Muppets Wizard of Oz(15sturmelle style)

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  • Cast
  • Simba-Fozzie/Lion
  • Robin Hood-Kermit/Scarecrow
  • Pocahontas-Dorothy
  • Iago-Gonzo/Tin Thing
  • Maid Marian-Miss Piggy/Glinda
  • Flik-Pepe the King Prawn/Toto
  • Judge Claude Frollo,Shere Khan,Jafar,Si and Am,Stromboli,Bowler Hat Guy,Hades,Fidget,Joanna,Ratigan,Gaston,Shan Yu,Chernabog,& Ratcliffe-Flying Monkeys
  • Mother Gothel-Miss Piggy/The Wicked Witch of The West
  • Hercules-Johnny Fiama
  • Philoctetes-Sal Minella
  • Marie,Oliver,Figaro,Berlioz,Toulouse,& White Kitten-Penguins
  • Bookworm-Scooter/Assistant to The Wizard
  • Edgar Balthzar-Sam the Eagle/Gate Guard
  • Clopin-Wizard
  • Captain Hook-Quentin Taratino
  • Kaa and Sir Hiss-Statler and Waldorf/The Kadilah Critics

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