In Qabalistic Doctrine, there is seen 3 manifestations of phenomena before actual manifestation of something which can be classified. These three manifestations are known as Ain (nothing), Ain Soph (limitless nothing) and Ain Soph Aur ( limitless light from nothing). These make up the pre-triad triad of the Kabbalah

Ain, is the principle that in the beginning, the idea that infinite could not even exist by the definition it is known. because by saying that nothingness was infinite, you have announced that there is something more than nothingness, because it is infinite, which is a completely different entity than nothingness. Ain was purely nothing, with no expanse holding it, only nothing existed. There where no other restraints.

Second manifestation was Ain Soph, which is limitless nothing, nothing must realize (in the widest sense of that term) that there is nothing other than nothing, that in fact its own nothingness spread off in all directions, so that there was only nothing, and nothing else. nothing floats itself on an eternal sea of nothing, yet by saying that the nothing is infinite, another 'term' has been defined. infinite; and its opposite, the finite, has its beginnings built at this point.

Ain Soph Aur, or limitless light from nothing, is the final step between being and not being. Although a point which makes less sense to me, possibly the definition of limitlessness discovered, as well as its opposite conferred, limits. Caused limitless light. As light can be extinguished it is a finite substance which causes the first great duality of light and dark. That which is something, and that which is not something.

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