Personal Details


Nameless does not have a known name, but *classified*


17 years old.


Republic of Free Systems;

  • Classified*


Early Life

Nameless was born on an undisclosed planet. Much of his life before 132 ABY is unknown. It is known to a select few that his parents were Jedi.

132 Years After the Battle of Yavin

Nameless's parents were assigned to guard a human settlement on Kamino. They were mostly ignored by the Kamonians, and had to try to survive. Soon after, Solar Empire soldiers stormed the planet and killed his parents. This caused Nameless to attack the soldiers, managing to kill one of the soldiers before being captured.

Nameless was sent to a prison on an unknown planet soon after, and Kamino was destroyed. A Jedi captive led an escape, and it is said Nameless found the weapons for the escape along with his parent's lightsaber. The escape was successful.

Soon after, he was adopted by a family on Coruscant. Details of this time with them are unknown.

Nameless was inducted to a Republic Academy on Carida. After three years there, he graduated in the top ten of his class.

140 ABY

Nameless soon joined the army of the Republic. In his first mission, President s-t-n placed him in charge of the Brace, which was at the time the most powerful ship in the galaxy. An unfortunate series of events followed, and the Brace was attacked and destroyed by Replicators. During the attack, Nameless encountered a mutant Replicator, which dropped a black orb when it was killed. Taking the orb and abandoning the Brace seconds before it's destruction, Nameless landed on a lava planet that was under attack by Replicators that fell to earth on one of the pieces of Brace's destruction. After successfully warding off the Replicator attack, Nameless returned to the command of the Muramasa.

Later, during a crisis with the United Colony, Nameless discovered a new enemy to the galaxy, simply known as the Brotherhood. Deciding to investigate, he took the Invader and, along with Grand Admiral Roach and several important passengers, entered the black hole at the center of the galaxy. They were transported to another galaxy, one where the Brotherhood reigned supreme.



The previous flagship of Nameless, destroyed just recently. One of a scarce amount of Corellian Firebirds, the Muramasa was Nameless's favority ship. It served him from the beginning of his time in the Republic, until it was recently captured by a virus named Vir-ZDM. The Muramasa was destroyed by Coalition AI to prevent the virus from having such a powerful ship.

Sidious's Fist

Dark Judgment

Sword of the Sith



Dark Demise

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