The Narrow Gauge Engines: The Movie is the second Thomas the ERTL Adventures film. This is silimar on Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Hero Of The Rails and the fan-fic, Saving Sodor.


There is trouble on the Narrow Gauge Railway. Diesel 9 returns to the Narrow Gauge Railway to destroy Lily, known as the "Goddess of the Railway". Fearing Lily's destruction, Skarloey, Thomas, Duck and Stepney recruit Sir Handel, Rheneas, and Rusty to stop Diesel 9's evil plans. However, a mean Narrow Gauge tank engine named Alfred arrives to assist Diesel 9's scheme. Will Skarloey save the Narrow Gauge Railway?


Main Cast

  • Skarloey: The main hero of the story who runs his new branch line on the Narrow Gauge Railway. When Diesel 9 starts causing trouble on the railway, Skarloey is determined to save Lily from him.
  • Sir Handel: One of Skarloey' six best friends who helps him protect Lily. He falls in love with Lily in the end.
  • Thomas: One of Skarloey' six best friends who helps him protect Lily. He and Skarloey had worked with Lily on their old line.
  • Duck: One of Skarloey's six best friends who helps him protect Lily.
  • Stepney: One of Skarloey's six best friends who helps him protect Lily.
  • Rheneas: One of Skarloey' six best friends who helps him protect Lily. He is like an older brother to Rusty.
  • Rusty: The little diesel who helps protect Lily. He and Lily become friends in the end.
  • Diesel 9: A scheming diesel who has returned to the Narrow Gauge Railway to destroy the lost engine and get rid of steam engines once and for all.
  • Alfred: An evil steam engine helping Diesel 9 to destroy Lily and the other steam engines.
  • Smudger, Duncan, Stewie, Splodgy and Dodgy: Diesel 9's hench-diesels. Smudger, Duncan, and Stewie are trapped in the garbage yard, and kept an eye on by Duck. Splodgy and Dodgy meet their fates near the end and fall off the rails.
  • Lily: A magical tank engine who generates the energy that keeps Sodor alive. She falls in love with Sir Handel.

Supporting Cast

  • Peter Sam
  • Fearless Freddie
  • Duke
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James (cameo)
  • Percy (cameo)
  • Toby (cameo)
  • Donald & Douglas (cameo)
  • Oliver (cameo)
  • Emily (cameo)
  • Salty
  • Harvey
  • Stanley
  • Murdoch
  • Arthur
  • Spencer (cameo)
  • Dennis (cameo)
  • Rosie (cameo)
  • Madge (cameo)
  • Colin (cameo)
  • Sir Topham Hatt (music video non-speaking role)
  • Mr. Percival (music video non-speaking role)


  • Narrated by Thomas the Tank Engine (Michael Angelis in UK and Michael Brandon in US).
  • US Release Date:
  • UK Release Date:


Freddie: Peter Sam! You did great to save me!

Peter Sam: I know! I always said I had resource and sagacity! I just proved it by outrunning Diesel 9, which reminded me, why is he on-

Freddie: PETER SAM!! STOP!

Narrator: Up ahead was a set of buffers; they had been switched onto a siding. Peter Sam slammed on his brakes, but it was too late. He pushed Freddie into the buffers, which broke beneath their wheels.

{Freddie falls onto his left side and slides along the grass on his side before slowing to a stop. Peter Sam comes off onto the grass. He slides along on his wheels, and slows to a stop, before he falls onto his left side.}

Freddie: Well, Peter Sam, you may have made us crash. But you're a true hero; you saved both our lives. Thank you very much.

Diesel 9: Not so fast, little red puffball, I shall destroy your best friend, and his class will now become extinct!

Rheneas: {whimpers} Skarloey, before I go, I want to tell you – I love you!

Skarloey: I love you too, Rheneas! You're the bestest friend I could ever ask for!

Diesel 9: {sarcastically} Oh, how sweet. Railway romance! You’ve both found out you share the same feelings! Too bad you won’t be around anymore to share your steamie love!

Thomas (as Narrator): Diesel 9 revved up his engine, raised his claw, and snapped it open and shut, his eyes fixed on Rheneas, not taking notice of anything else around him. Rheneas shut his eyes in fright, awaiting his doom. Then, all of a sudden, as Diesel 9 darted across the points, he suddenly diverted into the other siding. With a cry of surprise, he slammed on his brakes, but it was too late. With a mighty crunch, he crashed through the buffers. His front end dangled dangerously over the edge of the cliff.

Diesel 9: {panicked} Oh, no! I'm going to fall!

Skarloey: This is the end of the road, Diesel 9!

Thomas (as Narrator): With a loud angry whistle, Skarloey charged quickly forward, crossed the points, steamed up to the back of Diesel 9, and then - timing his braking just right – pushed Diesel 9 off the edge of the cliff.

Diesel 9: {screams} NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Narrator: A loud scream escaped from the evil diesel, as he fell down toward the ravine. Then suddenly, his scream was cut short by a tremendous smashing sound as he hit the ravine hard. The sound of bit and pieces breaking and flying followed, and then the loud noise died down to silence.

Skarloey: I did it! I stopped Diesel 9!

Duck: Well done, Skarloey!

Sir Handel: You're our number one in the Narrow Gauge Railway!

Thomas: You're a good friend!

Skarloey: Have that, you dastardly diesel, and you too, Alfred! Maybe now, you’ll think twice of destroying steam engines when I’m around! So now you can’t- {voice trails off}

Thomas (as Narrator): There was a sudden blast of a whistle. Alfred came charging into the sidings and was coming up behind him.

Alfred: Well, goodbye, Skarloey, and thanks for ruining my plans once again!

Rheneas: Skarloey! Look out!

Thomas (as Narrator): But it was too late. Alfred rammed into the back of Skarloey, and shunted him off the edge of the cliff – but then Alfred rolled too far and fell off the cliff also.

Rheneas: {screaming} SKARLOEY, NO!!!

Thomas (as Narrator): But Rheneas' cry was barely audible compared to the screams that came from Skarloey and Alfred as they fell. Then, came the loud smashing sounds of them hitting the ravine with a loud crash, and then, there was complete silence. Though the silence seemed like an eternity to Rheneas, due to the shock he was in, it was broken after a few seconds as someone cried out.

Rheneas: There's no point in me being alive now, Thomas. Skarloey has been scrapped.

Thomas: {concerned and sad} You loved him, didn't you?

Rheneas: Yes. And now that he's been scrapped, there's no point in my life. So I may as well destroy myself.

Thomas: Is that what Rheneas would want?

Rheneas: What do you mean, Thomas?

Thomas: The reason Skarloey had his accident was because he was trying to save you from being destroyed by Diesel 9.

Rheneas: {sadly} So this is all my fault.

Thomas: No, it isn't, Rheneas. But Skarloey managed to save you. He wouldn't stop at anything until you were safe. If you destroy yourself, you're throwing what Skarloey has done for you back at him.

Rheneas: {ashamed} You're right Thomas. It would be selfish of me to destroy myself, after Skarloey has been destroyed to save me. {tears leak from his eyes again} I'm sorry, Thomas.

Thomas: {smiling} It's okay, Rheneas. You're still a good Narrow Gauge friend. Now, you'd better get back to the Wharf.

Thomas (as Narrator): Rheneas reversed sadly out of the sidings. I followed him. As darkness fell, me and Rheneas made our way to the Wharf. On the way, we came to Covan's Gate, and stopped by the entrance.

Rheneas: That's where Skarloey went to. And that's where he got taken to pieces.

Thomas (as Narrator): Just then, we heard a puffing noise coming out of the work shed. It sounded like an engine was coming out. The puffing noise got louder as we heard the engine approach the entrance. But before it puffed out, it wheeshed a cloud of steam, which covered itself up, so Molly couldn't see who it was. The engine stopped by her, and Molly waited for the steam to clear so she could see who it was. The the steam finally cleared, Molly gasped.

Rheneas: {gasps} Can it be...

Thomas (as Narrator): It was a Narrow-Gauge saddle-tank engine with a fresh coat of red paint, white stripes and a number one painted on it's bunker side. Rheneas recognized it immediately. It was the engine she loved. It was the engine who was known to be the oldest. It was the engine who had taken a huge accident to save the Narrow Gauge Railway and had now been repaired and looked good as new. It was the engine known as; Skarloey the Oldest Narrow Gauge Engine.

Rheneas: {screams with joy} SKARLOEY!!!

Thomas: You're okay!!

Skarloey: Hello, Rheneas. Hello, Thomas.

Rheneas: I thought you were scrapped!

Skarloey: Scrapped?! {laughs} Whatever made you think that? I look alright to you, don't I?

Thomas: Yeah, Skarloey. You're okay!

Rheneas: But I saw Peter Sam take a load of your parts to the scrapyard!

Skarloey: Those parts were useless - they were no good, so the workmen got rid of them and gave me some new ones. They were able to repair me. Now I feel like a new engine!

Rheneas: Oh, Skarloey! I'm so glad you're okay!

Thomas: Me too. So, how do you think?

Skarloey: I'm all better and wiser.

Mr. Percival: I'm glad you're okay too, Skarloey.

Skarloey: Thank you for having me be repaired, Sir.

Rheneas: I thought for sure you were scrapped!

Thomas: You are very special. Right, Rheneas.

Rheneas: Yeah.

Mr. Percival: Scrap you! After what you have done, Skarloey! I could never scrap you. You have saved the Island of Sodor! You're a really useful engine!

Skarloey: Thank you, Sir.

Thomas: What happened to the diesels, Sir?

Mr. Percival: I had Duncan, Smudger, and Stewie cleaned and sent him back to the smelters. Diesel 9 had his wheels taken away and was dumped in a rocky valley near a beach somewhere in England.

Thomas: {chuckles} Serves them right!

Thomas (as Narrator): Suddenly, there was a whistle, and Alfred emerged. He, like Skarloey, had been repaired good as new again.

Alfred: Well, well, fancy seeing you, Rheneas. Long time, no see.

Mr. Percival: Now, Alfred, for trying to destroy this railway, I have decided not to buy you, and you are going back to the other railway, where you belong!

Alfred: {frowns} Humph. You haven't seen the last of me, Skarloey! {puffs away} But I'll be back! And that's a promise!

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