The Network is a secret cabal and shadow government in Master Chief Sucks at Ordering who apparently control a great deal of the world. At their height they controlled the entire planet, but conflicts between members caused the group to split up. The King is now attempting to regain the Network's control of the world through nefarious means.

The Network is a reference to and parody of the Patriots, a shadow government in the Metal Gear Solid series that controls the world. Both the Patriots and the Network ended up splitting into two factions with unclear motives.


According to Cortana in "Master Chief Meets the Network," the Network was founded ten years before the current series by the King. Many of the current series characters joined it and it began to peacefully control the world. However, five years ago, the Arbiter, Cortana, and Barack Obama left the group when the King tried to use its world control for evil purposes; this schism caused the Network to lose its power over the world. It is later revealed that a time travelling Master Chief warned the Arbiter and Cortana about the King's villainy, inadvertently creating a paradox/time loop where the pair only leave the Network because Master Chief told them to, and he only told them to because they told him themselves.

In "Master Chief vs the Superweapon," the King finishes and activates the "weapon," which is actually a portal to the Ark, a structure that can control time and space. He and the other members of the Network entered the portal and were pursued by Master Chief, the Arbiter, and Cortana. Master Chief spent a brief but highly influential period time travelling, inadvertently causing most of the main series events that ultimately led to him entering the portal in the first place, a concept known as a predestination paradox. The trio have learned that the King intends to fire a laser from the Ark at an unknown destination and are attempting to stop him.


After alluding to a number of possible members, "Master Chief Meets the Network" confirmed the characters who were or are currently members of the Network. They are:

Former members

Deceased members

Some confusion surrounded Biden, John McCain, and Sarah Palin regarding their allegiances. It was later confirmed in a blog post that Biden was a member but left and that McCain and Palin were not members but pawns.

Hillary Clinton's status as a member of the Network was unclear as she acts antagonizing to them and even strikes off on her own at one point; but the Arbiter later says that "Hillary and the rest of the Network" went through the portal, which, if his grammar is taken literally, means that she is a member. However, a blog post clarified that Hillary is still not a Network member.

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