The Neverborn are the Primordials that were slain at the end of the Primordial War. When they died, an Abyss opened and caused their many souls to fall into it. The Abyss gave birth to the Underworld, where the beings now known as the Neverborn now reside. There are five currently known Neverborn: He Who Holds in Thrall, the Abhorrence of Life, the Perfected Principle of Consumption, and the Queen of Suicides. There may be more, but nobody knows for sure.

The Deathlords

The Deathlords are the servants of the Neverborn, forged from ghosts of former Exalted and broken subsidiary souls of the Neverborn themselves. They are charged with the mission of destroying Creation, so that their masters may finally fall into Oblivion. There are nine currently known deathlords, but there have been reports of thirteen.

Notable Deathlords

The Draconian of Dark Lightning, the lastest Deathlord to reveal his existence in Creation, is a dangerous Deathlord that was created from the higher soul of Hurricane's Quill.

The Deathknights

One hundred in number, the Deathknights are corrupted Solar Exalted that serve as the many servants of the Deathlords.

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