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The New Adventures Of Mister Know It All are cartoons from The New Adventures Of Rocky & Bullwinkle that sometimes teach you stuff from Mister Know It All, but only different.


1. How To Go Fishing (Thomas Story: Thomas Goes Fishing (Ringo Starr))

2. How To Go On Site (Thomas Story: On Site With Thomas (Michael Brandon))

3. How To Move A Boulder (Thomas Story: Rusty and the Boulder (Alec Baldwin))

4. How To Be A Fogman (Thomas Story: The Fogman (Alec Baldwin))

5. How To Ride Smoothly (Thomas Story: A Smooth Ride (Michael Brandon))

6.How To Run Away (Thomas Story: Percy Runs Away (Ringo Starr))

7. How To Read A Magazine (Thomas Story: James and Edward (Pierce Brostman))

8. How To Ride On A Bumpy Line (Thomas Story: Thomas, Bertie & The Bumpy Line (Pierce Brostman))

9. How To Find Rocky (Thomas Story: Where Is The Fat Controller (Pierce Brostman))

10. How To Take A Dip (Thomas Story: Gordon Takes A Dip (Ringo Starr))

11. How To Play In A Fun Fair (Thomas Story: Rosie's Funfair Special (Michael Brandon))

12. How To Take Charge (Thomas Story: Duck Takes Charge (Ringo Starr))

13. How To Break A Whistle (Thomas Story: Duncan and the Faulty Whistles (Pierce Brostman))

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