Story Arch 1: Rock n Roll War

Natasha hired the Beach Bullies to take over the world and Rocky and Bullwinkle try to stop them.

1. Rock n Roll War

2. Natasha Don't Loose That Number or One-Two-Three Gone

3. Don't Stop Greivin' or Sad Eyes

4. Stayin' On Five or Stuck In The Middle Finger

5. Don't Bring Me A Crown or King Cut

6. We Will Mock You or CopyCat

7. Band On The Gun or Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down

8. Blinded By The Fight or Judy Is A Punch

9. Dream Griever or Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Natasha said the next episode's title because the narrator was laughing at the Beach Bullie's Face)

10. Jumpin' Jack Bash or Wonderful To Fight

11. Blister Golden Hair or Oscar the Ouch

12. Here Comes The Gun or Shot Stuff


This is the first time Natasha appeared without Boris

This is the first time Natasha appeared in the title

The Boris Make-Up

Boris wants to have an episode of his own

1. The Boris Make-Up

2. Jungle Dove or Grease Is The Bird

3. Alone Ten or Spill The Nine

4. Sooner or Gater

5. Open Harms or Closed Heroes

6. Small Clown or Will It Go Round In The Circus

7. The Lion Sleeps To Fight or The Wonderful Thing About Tigers

8. How Wrong or One Of These Rights

9. Wild Hire or Crazy On You

10. Peace Of Wind or Spinning Wheels

11. Diamond Twirl or Hand Of Gold

12. Ooh Wild or I Only Wanna Be With You

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