The New Adventures Of The Cluefinders is a CD rom Release


Recurring Characters

Joni Savage is a tomboy who has a backpack she used to blame Laptrap and Owen but she never gets crabby she had a purple shirt and blue eyes and orange hair which she used to play with

Owen Lam is the coolest Cluefinder he teases Laptrap but he knows he's useful he dosen't like Leslie very well but he sometimes has to go out with her, He has an obsession about food, He has a green shirt and black glasses and indigo pants

Leslie Clark is the African American girl she isn't nessisarly the most quiet of the Cluefinders she loves books according to The Mystery Mansion Arcade from the original Cluefinders series She has a yellow shirt with purple vest and a yellow skirt and brown hair

Santiego Rivera is the biggest boy bigger than Owen he was an expert to Leslie Clark otherwise he often goes out with Joni Savage He has a yellow shirt and black hair.

New characters

Aaron Waterbury is a 10 year-old kid he was an expert to Leslie Clark like Santiego Rivera He loves swinging according to Aaron's Friends Aaron's Like's Ghost he has brown hair.

Maxine Nightingale is a woman that was an organic mother to Aaron she used to go out with Owen trying to treat him like Joni Savage did she has black hair which she used to grow

CD Roms

The Cluefinders - The Jungle Book Adventure

  1. Symposis

The Cluefinders saw Mowgli as a baby crying, Aaron Waterbury thinks he's lost, then the baby stopped crying he also saw Bagheera, Maxine Nightingale thinks he needs everyone around, then Bagheera walked away but heard about Mowgli cooing and laughing, Joni Savage declares Aaron Waterbury and Leslie Clark will watch over Mowgli, Owen Lam and Maxine Nightingale will keep a look out for Shere Khan and Joni Savage and Santiego Rivera will find Mowgli new friends, Aaron Waterbury and Leslie Clark discovered Kaa trying to eat Mowgli and Bagheera and Leslie and Aaron try to stop Kaa from getting Mowgli, then in the morning Leslie Clark and Aaron Waterbury try to teach Junior Elephant steps. Leslie Clark and Aaron Waterbury put in the lyrics so that Baloo can sing and Mowgli joined in. But then the monkeys got Mowgli and Aaron and Leslie try to get Mowgli out. In the morning Aaron, Leslie, Mowgli and Baloo had a fight, after that Mowgli ran away and Maxine and Aaron had found Shere Khan they sneak and try to see that he's going to kill Mowgli or not and he is, Leslie, Aaron, and Mowgli find fire and expose him and he ran away, then Leslie and Aaron met Owen, Maxine, Santiego and Joni and Bagheera and together they went to the man village and met a girl who lured Mowgli out of the Jungle.

  1. Notes

First appearance of Aaron Waterbury, Maxine Nightingale, Bagheera, Wolves, Kaa, Elephants, Vultures, Baloo, Monkeys and The Girl

This is also known as The Great Jungle Book Game


Bagheers: On a count of three, one

Aaron: two

Leslie: three [The three slap Kaa on the face]

Kaa: Oh my triple sinis you all made a serious mistake a very stupid big

Bagheera: No No Kaa I wasn't

Kaa: Mistake

  1. Goofs

When Joni Savage and Santiego Rivera spotted Baloo Mowgli appeared then Bagheera

  1. Games


Slapping Kaa

Fighting With The Four

Elephant Steps

Monkey Kingdom Graphs


Baloo's Bare Lyrics

Social Studies

Shere Khan's Directions

===The Cluefinders - Chicken Little

Chicken Little felt an acorn and thought it was a piece of the sky then Aaron Waterbury felt a live oak and thought so too then Maxine Nightingale felt a Red pee gall and thought so also Joni Savage, Leslie Clark, Santiego Rivera and Owen Lam felt oak apples mavias awaras and acrias falling and thought the sky was falling, Joni Savage tells Aaron Waterbury and Maxine Nightingale to go out with Chicken Little, Santiego Rivera and Leslie Clark will see Chicken Little's friends, and Joni Savage and Owen Lam must despite the city, Maxine Nightingale and Aaron waterbury together heard CHicken little singing and then a pentagon fell and it feel like a pad and Leslie Clark, Runt of the litter, the ugly ducking and Fish out of water came to see what's going on then Fish out of water flies away and dissapears, then the green light transformed to a UFO but Leslie, Aaron and Maxine must find Fish out of water in order to do that they must open the Windows and reveal the Fish out of water and They together have to navigate the Fish out of water as a baby Alien came out but Aaron dosen't recognize that creature, then Joni, Owen and Santiego came in and discovered that the aliens are going to attack and they are worried so Leslie Clark and Santiedo Rivera must find the information meanwhile Maxine Nightingale and Aaron Waterbury are trying to get Soda but Runt knows temper tantruming helps then he just hurt Aaron which Runt had no Striesand collection and then the Cluefinders meet again and decided to make the family back again so that the sky won't fall again.

  1. Notes
  2. First Appearance Of Chicken Little, The Ugly Duckling, Fish Out Of Water and Runt of the litter
  4. Leslie Clark: Never see me lose my Temper
  5. Goofs
  6. Owen Lamm said "It's Not An Acorn"
  7. Games
  8. Chase The Green Light
  9. Maze
  10. Baseball
  11. Soda Spray
  12. Games

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