The New Adventures of George Jetson is a 'TV/New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh' parody.


George Jetson (The Jetsons) as Winnie the Pooh - George Jetson, or George, for short, is an anthropomorphic astronaut. Despite being "an astronaut of very little brain", he is a friendly and thoughtful character. His love for adventure sometimes leads to trouble. His catchphrases are "Oh, bother!" and "Think, George, Think". He is voiced by Jeff Bergman.

Mr Nervous (The Mr Men Show) as Piglet - Mr Nervous, George's best friend, is a kind, tidy purple Mr Men who is ordinarily quite timid, but with George by his side, he often overcomes his fears. He lives in a log cabin, sings very well and likes to eat peanut butter. He is voiced by Danny Katiana.

Marty (Madagascar) as Tigger - Marty is George's brave, exuberant and trouble-making zebra pet. He loves to go crazy and have fun, but sometimes bumps into others. He is voiced by Chris Rock.

Wally Llama (Animaniacs) as Rabbit - Wally Llama is George, Mr Nervous and Marty's bossy, but mostly kind friend who takes care of the characters until they go to sleep. He likes thinking that he is the smartest person in Toontown, but can get very angry when Marty ruins his prized garden. He is voiced by Richard Libertini.

Mr Lazy (The Mr Men Show) as Eeyore - Mr Lazy is George's ever-glum, fast-talking, pessimistic Mr Men friend. He has trouble completing his adventure sculpture because it is always being destroyed (mainly destroyed by Marty). He is voiced by Phil Lollar.

Strong Bad (Homestar Runner) as Gopher

Marge (The Simpsons Movie) as Kanga

Bart (The Simpsons Movie) as Roo

Mr Persnickety (The Mr Men Show) as Owl

Andy Davis (Toy Story) as Christopher Robin

Duncan (Thomas the Tank Engine) as Bruno the Wind Up Monkey

Dot (Animaniacs) as Kessie

Barkerville (Pound Puppies) as Papa Heffalump

Jenna (Balto) as Mama Heffalump

Wilson (Good Boy) as Junior Heffalump

Little Miss Naughty (The Mr Men Show) as Babysitter

Frankie (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) as Andy's Mom

Dingers (Sesame Street) as Crows

Mason (Madagascar) as Dexter

Aliens (Toy Story) as Pack Rats

Senor Cardgage (Homestar Runner) as Gopher's Grandfather

Horrid Lorries (Thomas the Tank Engine) as Bees

Pal (Arthur) as Skippy

Mr Grumpy (The Mr Men Show) as Wooster

Plankton (Spongebob Squarepants) as Stan the Woozle

Tramp (Lady and the Tramp) as Heff the Heffalump

Mr Rude (The Mr Men Show) as Crud

Norman Price (Fireman Sam) as Smudge

Sea Rogue (TUGS) as Nasty Jack


Season 1

  1. George Oughta Be In Pictures - The first episode. As a reward for Andy eating all his vegetables, he, along with Mr Nervous, George and Marty go to the theatre to watch Nosilla, a scary monster movie.

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