The New Adventures of Phineas Flynn is a 'Phineas and Ferb/The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh' Parody Series

Cast of Characters

  • Phineas Flynn as Winnie the Pooh - Phineas Flynn, or Phineas for short, is a "boy of very little brain", despite that, he is a friendly and thoughtful character. His love for inventing sometimes leads to trouble, especially if it involves stealing tools and blueprints from Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc., where Norm-Bots work. His catchphrases are "Oh, Nuts!" and "Think, think, think". Phineas is voiced by Vincent Martella.
  • Ferb Fletcher as Piglet - Ferb, Phineas's best friend, is a kind, tidy green-haired boy who is ordinarily quite timid, but with Phineas by his side, he often overcomes his fears. His catchphrase is "Oh, D-D-Dear!". Ferb sleeps with Phineas in their bedroom, can sing very well and likes to eat peanut butter. Ferb is voiced by Thomas Sangster. In many adventures, it has been up to Ferb to save Phineas from some sort of problem or danger.
  • Perry the Platypus as Tigger - Perry is Phineas's daredevil, exuberant and trouble-making platypus pet. He loves to perform stunts and have fun, but this sometimes ends up bumping into others. He has green fur and has a beaver tail and a beak. He is also Pinky's best friend. Dee Bradley Baker voices Perry's talking and chattering.
  • Candace Flynn as Rabbit - Candace is Phineas and Ferb's bossy, but mostly kind, Sister who is in charge of them until their parents return from the trip around the world. She likes thinking that She is the smartest person in Danville, and can get very mad when Perry ruins her prized garden. She is voiced by Ashley Tisdale.
  • Baljeet as Eeyore - Baljeet is Phineas's ever-glum, hyper, pessimistic indian science nerd friend. Baljeet has trouble completing his invention (which he doesn't even know what it is), because it is continously being destroyed (mostly being destroyed by Perry). He is voiced by Maulik Pancholy.
  • Buford Van Stomm as Gopher
  • Isabella Garcia Shapiro as Kanga
  • Pinky as Roo
  • Major Monogram as Owl
  • Irving as Christopher Robin
  • Thaddeus and Thor as Bruno the Wind-Up Monkey
  • Ducky Momo as Kessie
  • Mitch as Papa Heffalump
  • Peep (Tom and Jerry Blast Off To Mars) as Mama Heffalump
  • Meep as Junior Heffalump
  • Vanessa Doofenshmirtz as Babysitter
  • Linda Flynn as Christopher's Mom
  • The Squirrels as The Crows
  • Carl the Intern as Dexter
  • Doofenshmirtz's Clones as the Pack Rats
  • Buford's Mom as Gopher's Grandfather
  • Agent D (Dog) as Skippy
  • Khaka Peu Peu as Wooster
  • Dennis the Rabbit as Stan
  • Jerry the Platypus as Heff
  • Candace's Id as Crud
  • Ducky Momo Club as Smudge
  • Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz as Nasty Jack


Season 1

  1. "Phineas Oughta Be in Pictures " - The first episode. As a reward for Irving eating all his vegetables, he, along with Phineas, Ferb and Perry go to the theater to watch Birdzilla, a scary monster movie. During the movie, Ferb gets scared and thinks that the movie is real and the monster will get him. The gang tries to convince him that it is not real and proceed to make their own monster movie to prove it.
  2. "Sister, In Deed" - Phineas has been printing off too many blueprints from Candace's computer in her room lately. This makes Candace mad to the point where he says that Phineas is "inventing her out of room and paper". Desperate, Phineas and his friends try to retrieve back as many pieces of paper back to Candace from Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. so that Candace won't have to move room. Nevertheless, this proves to be a daunting task.
  3. "Science Nerd for a Day" - Ferb, feeling sorry for Baljeet, who always seems to be depressed, convinces the other's to spend a whole day trying to cheer her up.
  4. "There's No Camp Like Home" - When the gang goes camping, Ferb is frightened by Perry's stories and comes up against one of his greatest fears: Aliens!
  5. "Balloonatics" - Phineas borrows a balloon from Irving, but when Candace accidentally causes it to deflate, the gang all panics.
  6. "Find It, Keep It" - Candace rescues a small talking toy duck called Ducky Momo and tries to raise her, but it soon becomes homesick.
  7. "The Ferb Who Would Be King" - After Phineas gives him a gift, Ferb sets out with Perry and Candace to the Land of Electricity and Machines, hoping to get a machine for Phineas as a brotherhood gift after Ferb gets an unknown brotherhood gift from Phineas.
  8. "Cleanliness is Next to Impossible" - When the gang tries to help Irving clean his room, they come up against the evil Id and his sneezing minion, Ducky Momo club.
  9. "The Great Blueprints and Tools Robbery" - All the carrots in Danville (along with Candace's blueprints from her computer and everyone's tools) have disappeared and it appears be the work of a Rabbit and Platypus named Dennis and Jerry, and a gigantic supervillain named Kha-Kha Peu-Peu. But soon, Phineas persuades everyone (Besides Dennis and Jerry) to share the tools, blueprints and carrots, and they all have a picnic together.
  10. "Beaver Tail and Beak " - When Phineas, Ferb and Candace give Perry a bath against his will, Perry's beaver tail and beak disappear, leaving the others unsure of who he is. After Perry attempts unsuccessfully to be a teenaged-girl, a boy and a small christmas tree, Baljeet points out to him that he is still a Platypus on the inside, beaver tail and beak or no beaver tail and beak.
  11. "Clones See, Clones Do Better" - The gang becomes upset when Irving's new idols, two inventors named Thaddeus and Thor, claim to be "the best idols a kid could have".
  12. "Babysitter Blues" - Irving and the gang get into mischief while a babysitter tries to look over them.
  13. "How Much is That Teenaged-Girl in the Window?" - Candace, feeling unappreciated, runs away and is kidnapped by a shop dealer, who puts her up for sale.
  14. "Nothing But The Tooth" - Phineas believes that he has can no longer invent when he loses his "inventing tooth" which gets stolen by Doofenshmirtz's Clones
  15. "Gone with the Wind" - After being buffeted about by the wind, Ferb becomes afraid of going outside.
  16. "Ferb and Order" - Phineas and the gang pretend to be in the Wild West during a play.
  17. "Blueprints for a Teenaged-Girl" - When Candace throws away a lone duck-shaped bookend, it finds its way all around the gang.
  18. "Invade as Invade Can" - Phineas and Ferb try to help Meap, who is having difficulty learning how to invade planets from his father, Mitch.
  19. "The Masked Platypus Offender" - Perry takes on the identity of 'The Masked Platypus Offender' in order to help people, but he causes more trouble than he fixes.
  20. "Things That Go Ferb in the Night" - The gang is in a state of panic because they think that they are being haunted by a ghost, which is just Ferb running scared silly.
  21. "Luck Amok" - When Perry breaks a mirror that Candace is using, Candace believes he has bad luck, and so do the others, but it turns out that it is Perry who has the bad luck.
  22. "Magic Earmuffs" - Irving gives Ferb some "magic earmuffs" to help give him confidence in his ice skating.
  23. "The Wishing Boy" - When Irving shows Phineas a wishing star, Phineas tells Ferb, Perry and Candace about it, and they all wish for something. But when Phineas thinks that he has wished out the star, he does his best to fulfill the others' wishes.
  24. "King of Danville" - Perry thinks that his great uncle was a king platypus and declares himself, "King of Danville", with chaotic results.
  25. The Doofenshmirtzes Who Came to Dinner - Phineas and the gang try to deal with the Doofenshmirtz Clones during a flood.
  26. "My Hero" - Ferb saves Perry's life, and Perry becomes Ferb's servant.
  27. "Monogram Hairs" - When the gang finds a pile of silver hairs, they believe they belonged to Major Monogram and that he has gone bold.
  28. "A Very, Very Large Human" - Phineas creates an invention that makes objects enlarge called the 'Enlarger', but when a technical glitch hits the invention, it turns into a 'Shrinker' and accientally shoots Ferb, making him only two feet tall. Later, after thinking that he is too small, he moves away from Danville.
  29. "Fish Out of Water" - Candace is at her wit's end when Buford moves in her room with her.
  30. "Lights Out" - When Candace takes Buford's flashlight without asking, Buford panics and he and the rest of the gang go in search of it.
  31. "Perry's Shoes" - Candace gives Perry weighted shoes and challenges him to jump the highest building in Danville to keep him out of the way.
  32. "The "New" Baljeet" - Baljeet dresses up like Perry in order to become more popular.
  33. "Detective P" - Perry wants to be a detective, so he causes crimes to create cases for himself.
  34. "A Party for a Thousand Girls" - Candace wants Phineas to distract her relatives while she plans their surprise party.
  35. "The Old Switcher-Pinky" - Pinky asks Perry for help, because his owner, Isabella wants to give him a bath, so he and Perry hide at the Flynn-Fletcher House in Ferb's room. But Isabella in a couple of minutes, finds Pinky, leashes him up and starts to drag him back home. Perry comes up with a plan to get Pinky back:
  • Phineas distracts Isabella
  • Perry swaps Pinky with Ferb on the leash.

The plan works great, and Perry and Pinky run off to find the biggest mud puddle and jump in it, but Phineas has the feeling that something is missing. Back at Isabella's house, Isabella notices that Ferb is attached to the leash, not Pinky, but she continues her motherly duties and gives Ferb a bath, while Ferb tries to convince her that he is not Pinky. Elsewhere in Danville, Perry and Pinky are having fun getting dirty in a huge mud puddle, but when they compete against each other in a 'Blowing the Biggest Chewing Gum Bubble' contest, the bubbles explode and become stuck together with the gum, so they trundle towards Isabella's house for help. Back at Isabella's house, Phineas comes in, and Ferb tells Phineas to tell Isabella that he is not Pinky. Phineas says that Ferb can't be Pinky, because Pinky is out playing with Perry, but he does not know who Ferb is, due to the fact that he is covered in soap. Having had enough, Ferb runs out of the house, screaming with Phineas hot on his tail. Later, Phineas and Ferb trip into a lake and the soap on Ferb washes off, finally, Phineas recognises him and they both walk back home. Back at Isabella's house, Perry and Pinky arrive, and ask Isabella to get them out of this "sticky situation", Isabella agrees to help, but says that the only way to get them apart is a bath, Perry and Pinky are reluctant, but after they are given their bath, they find out that taking a bath isn't so bad, after all.

Season 2

  1. "Me and My Lizard" - Ferb finds a lizard, takes it home and names it Steve, but his friends are somewhat jealous, seeming that Ferb is spending more time with Steve than he is with them. That night, Steve leaves and Ferb goes in search for him.
  2. "To Catch a Hiccup" - Ferb gets hiccups, so the gang try to cure his hiccups.
  3. "Candace Marks the Spot" - Sick of her friends ruining her garden while playing pirates, Candace gives them a fake treasure map "drawn from her great-great-great aunt, and the greatest woman pirate ever, Long Joan Bossy" that leads them to a chest full of rocks. When she becomes worried that her friends will hate her for decieving them, she tries to get the chest back before they open it.
  4. "Goodbye, Mr. Flynn" - When Perry spreads a rumour that Phineas is leaving Danville, everyone throws Phineas a Goodbye Party. Phineas leaves and stays for only a second, but when he returns home, he finds out that Baljeet is living there now.
  5. "Bublble Trouble" - Phineas gets stuck in a bubble, Buford;s house blows away in a storm and Candace hosts a vegetable meeting.
  6. "Ground Ferb Day" - It is Groundhog Day, but there is no groundhog, so Candace makes Ferb the groundhog and changes the holiday.
  7. "All's Well That Ends Wishing Well" - Perry celebrates his first birthday, but finds it disappointing, so Phineas dives into the Danville Park wishing well to get Perry the moon.
  8. "Un-Valentine's Day" - Candace makes a law that there will be no more Valentine's Day after everyone has recieved countless valentines in previous years.
  9. "No Candace's a Fortress" - Candace prevents a fortress to prevent anyone from trampling into her garden, but she forgets to build a door.
  10. "The Monster Frankenphineas" - It is a dark and stormy night in Danville, and Perry spins a tale of the mad scientist, Ferb and his monster, Frankenphineas.
  11. "Where, Oh, Where Has My Ferb Gone?" - Phineas thinks that he has misplaced Ferb and tries to find him.
  12. "Up, Up and Away" - When Phineas attempts to fly, the gang thinks that he is 'breaking the law' (of Gravity), so Phineas stays in his room all locked up.
  13. "Baljeet's Invention Tale" - Baljeet becomes sick of an invention that he has been creating for five years, calling it a waste of time, and abandons it. Baljeet soon wants it back, and Detective P helps him. But the others find it and claim it as their own.
  14. "Three Little Ferbs" - Phineas tells the story the Three Little Pigs, Danville Style.
  15. "Prize Ferb" - Ferb and his friends have a race for a running trophy.
  16. "Fast Friends" - Ferb is stuck in the treehouse until he jumps off, and Buford tries to make Phineas slow down so that he will race.
  17. "Phineas Moon" - After Perry tells the Gang a scary story about the "Grab Me-Cotcha", they are alarmed to find that Phineas and Ferb are finding the Invention-Moon and comes home.
  18. "Chirps and Effect" - Ferb, Perry and Candace go on a hunt to capture squirrels and leave Phineas to watch Candace's garden. Unbeknownst to Phineas, the whole thing is a setup just to leave the garden under the protection of the "nitwit" Phineas.

Season 3

  1. "Oh, Bottle" - When Phineas and Irving are playing pirates, Irving makes up a treasure map, and puts it in a bottle. He gives it to Phineas, but it gets stolen by Doofenshmirtz's clones, so Phineas and the gang try to get it back to irving.
  2. "Monogram in the Family" - Major Monogram wants to see his family, so Phineas and Ferb organise a family reunion for him, but Candace isn't so sure if Monogram's family is real.
  3. "Sham Phineas" - When Phineas loses his interest into inventing, everyone thinks that he isn't Phineas Flynn, and then everybody thinks that neither one of them are themselves. So, Detective P and Phineas go look for Phineas' interest in inventing.
  4. "Rock-a-Bye, Phinee" - When Ferb has a bad dream about losing his friends in a storm, he becomes afraid of going to sleep.
  5. "What's the Score, Phineas?" - A game gets out of hand Phineas accidentally makes Buford's Big Boulder exhibition run loose.
  6. "Perry's Bed Guest" - Perry befriends a termite who has been eating all the wooden things in the Flynn-Fletcher house and Candace tells him to get rid of it.
  7. "Candace Takes a Vacation" - Candace has no more work to do around her room and garden, so she leaves her brothers, Perry and Buford to watch over. But while Candace is gone, her "housesitters" create utter chaos in her room and garden.
  8. "Eeyi Eeyi Baljeet" - Baljeet agrees to help Candace plant a seed near Baljeet's house, but Baljeet thinks that his seed will not grow, so Phineas and Perry disguise Ferb as a flower and leave him near Baljeet's house overnight. When Candace thinks that Baljeet is a better garden than her because of the disguised Ferb, Candace gives up her property to Baljeet and moves into Baljeet's house. However, Baljeet is an inexperienced gardener and soon messes up Candace's garden.
  9. "Phineas Skies" - When Phineas knocks an eggshell out of a tree, the gang becomes convinced that the sky is falling.
  10. "April Phineas" - Phineas and his friends look for the April Fool, not aware that it is Irving playing jokes on them.
  11. "To Norm-Bot or Not to Norm-Bot" - Irving and the gang are playing 'war' in his bedroom, but his mother tells him to tidy up, so Phineas and his friends explain why they are playing 'war'.
  12. "A Knight to Remember" - On a stormy night, Ferb imagines that he is a brave knight.
  13. "Perry is the Mother of Invention" - Perry's disastrous inventions bother his friends.
  14. "The Mole Stops Here" - Phineas is babysitting Major Monogram's nephew, Carl, and Pinky. They and the rest of the gang are invited to Irving's house to so that they could see his science project, which is a mole. But the gang accidentally lets the mole loose and and soon agree that they will find a replacement bug for Irving.
  15. "Easy Come, Easy Buford" - Candace becomes annoyed when Buford starts digging his 'Ultimate Tunnel' around her garden, so she re-writes the equation when Phineas accidentally messes it up, but this makes things worse.
  16. "Invasion of the Phineas Snatcher" - When Perry tells Ferb that monsters are roaming Danville, Ferb asks Phineas to help him protect his house, and Perry thinks that Phineas has been snatched by a monster, and vice versa.
  17. "Platypus Got Your Tounge?" - Perry loses his voice, and Phineas and the gang try to find the 'Nobody' that took it. Meanwhile, Buford tries to get rid of the squirrels bothering him, and Candace tries to find her vegetables.
  18. "A Duck In Hand" - When Candace finds a grown up Ducky Momo and buys her, Candace still treats her like a small kid. When Kessie tries to prove that she is grown up, she runs away, but is held ransom by Dennis and Jerry for carrots, blueprints and tools.

Season 4

  1. "Sorry, Wrong Slusher" - Strange things happen when Irving and the gang watch a late night "Slusher" movie.
  2. "Grown, But Not Forgotten" - When Irving has to attend a 'grown up' girl's party, Phineas and the gang become afraid that he, too, will grow up and forget them.
  3. "A Phineas Day Afternoon" - Irving, Phineas and the gang have to look after a kitten.
  4. "The Good, the Bad and the Platypus" - When Perry loses control of Irving's toy train, he and Phineas are put on trail as train robbers.
  5. "Home is Where the Home Is" - Irving and the gang accidentally break the statue of his great-grandfather while cleaning up. Irving runs away from home, with the gang offering their homes for him. When it turns out that he can't live in any of their houses, Phineas and the gang build him a home.
  6. "Shovel, Shovel, Toil and Trouble" - When Buford recieves a large shovel, he goes overboard "improving" everyone's home.
  7. "The Wise Havie It" - When the gang throw a birthday party for Phineas, they become convinced that he is old and wise when they see how many candles he has. When they all ask Phineas for advice, things go awry.
  8. "Fog, Fog Go Away" - Perry is continuosly being pestered by a fog, which he threw a rock at because it was in the way of his running.
  9. "To Dream the Impossible Scheme" - Buford's Mum comes for a visit, prompting Gopher to try to accomplish his Mum's lif-long dream of building an above-ground underground city.
  10. "Ferb's Poetry" - Perry causes trouble when he intrudes on Ferb's poetry.
  11. "Monogram's Well That Ends Well" - Monogram's poor singing upsets Candace, but scares off the squirrels.

Additional Specials

Phineas Flynn and Christmas Too! (Holiday Special)

Boo To You! Phineas Flynn!

A Phineas Flynn Thanksgiving

Phineas Flynn: A Valentine For You

Phineas Flynn: A Very Merry Phineas Year (Holiday Special)

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