The New Adventures of Schemer Presents Intro

  • Schemer: and now The New Adventures of Schemer Presents! a series of really worthwhile watching can't miss inspirational lessons on Cartoon Network that sometimes teaches ya stuff Produced by Schemer Written by Schemer Directed by Schemer & Starring Schemer as himself! taped on location in his very own room & now let's join me

How to Fight a Lion

Scene 1:

  • Schemer: [comes in through the door] hello everyone! & this is The New Adventures of Schemer Presents thanks to a big budget from Cartoon Network i now live with the big CN but i haven't changed have i? [laughs] but anyway onto our first lessonisode [turns picture of himself] How to Fight a Lion now you've seen people in the circus tame lions but have you ever seen me tame one well no because Stacy Jones wouldn't let me bring a lion to Shining Time Station! but now i have a lion of my own TOWER BRING IN THE BEAST!
  • Tower the Clown: [comes in & honks his horn]
  • Schemer: Tower where's my lion?
  • Tower: [honks horn]
  • Schemer: it's on the front porch that goo- FRONT PORCH?! THAT'S WHERE MOMMY'S BEST FLOWERS ARE! SCHEMER TO THE RESCUE! [runs out of his room]
  • [1 hour later]

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