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The New Adventures of The Narrow Gauge Engines is a fan-fiction spin-off series of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. It stars the narrow gauge engines. Each season will have 22 or 24 episodes.


  • Skarloey is an old and red engine and the main star of the series.
  • Rheneas is Skarloey's best friend.
  • Sir Handel is a grumpy blue engine. He is considered as an Anti-Hero.
  • Peter Sam is a happy green engine.
  • Rusty is an orange diesel engine. He's a good friend to Skarloey and he has a love/hate relationship with Duncan.
  • Duncan is a stubborn yellow engine. He is also considered as an Anti-Hero. Also, he and his haft-brother Smudger always get into arguements, and he and Sir Handel get into bad things too.
  • Fearless Freddie is an old warhorse engine.
  • Ivo Hugh is a red tank engine, as well as Freddie's brother.
  • Duke is an old tender engine.
  • Mighty Mac is a double-ended Fairlie engine.
  • Bertram is an old engine and Duke's twin.
  • Smudger is the main antagonist. He is also Duncan's haft-brother.
  • Stanley (aka No. 2) is Smudger's best friend. Together, they cause a lot of trouble.
  • Proteus is a yellow engine with a very bright light.
  • Fred is a lazy diesel engine.
  • Mr. Percival is the controller of the railway.
  • Thomas is a blue tank engine. He's a great friend to the narrow gauge engines.
  • Henry is a big green engine and Peter Sam's best friend.
  • Gordon is a big blue engine and Sir Handel's best friend.
  • James is a red tender engine and Duncan's best friend.
  • Ada, Jane and Mabel are open coaches.
  • Agnes, Ruth, Lucy, Jemima are narrow gauge coaches.
  • Beatrice is a guard's van.
  • Cora is a tool van.
  • Gertrude and Millicent are two other narrow gauge coaches.
  • Colin is a crane who lives at the wharf
  • Madge is a snub-nosed lorry. She and Henry are in love.



  • Keith Wickham - Skarloey, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Duke, Bertram, Henry, Gordon and James
  • Ben Small - Rheneas, Proteus, Fred, Smudger, Stanley, Ivo Hugh and Thomas
  • Michael Angelis - The Narrator


  • Martin Sherman - Thomas and Ivo Hugh
  • Ben Small - Rheneas, Proteus, Smudger and Stanley
  • Bob Golding - Freddie, Duke, Bertram and Fred
  • Kerry Shale - Henry, Gordon and James
  • Michael Brandon - The Narrator


Season 1

  1. Skarloey Helps Out - Skarloey must help Duncan when he crashes into an old barn.
  2. Sir Handel & The Trucks - Sir Handel gets cross when he has to work with troublesome trucks at the quarry.
  3. Thomas & Skarloey vs. Smudger & Stanley - Smudger and Stanley try to take over the railway. Can Thomas and Skarloey stop them?
  4. Henry & Peter Sam - Henry wants to give Peter Sam a tour of the standard gauge railway.
  5. Freddie Takes Charge - Freddie show Mighty Mac how to work the coal yard.
  6. Rusty The Really Useful Diesel - Sir Handel and Duncan say the Rusty is useless. But soon, Rusty proves how he is really useful.
  7. Duke, Bertram & The Birthday Train - Duke and Bertram are chosen to pull the birthday train to Mr. Percival's birthday party.
  8. Skarloey & Fred - Skarloey meets a new diesel named Fred. Fred is lazy and won't work with Skarloey. Can Skarloey get Fred to do work?
  9. Proteus' Bright Lamp - Peter Sam thinks Proteus' lamp is silly. But one night, when Peter Sam gets lost, Proteus finds him with his bright lamp.
  10. Sir Handel's High Speed - Sir Handel tries to be the fastest narrow gauge engine in the world.
  11. Rheneas & The Forest - Rheneas has to make some nighttime deliveries, but he has chuff through the forest, which looks scary at night.
  12. Ivo Hugh - An engine named Ivo Hugh arrives on the railway. And Freddie thinks that Ivo Hugh is replacing him because he is also number 7.

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