The New Adventures of Thomas The Tank Engine is a spinoff series of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends made by Gerry Anderson in 1974 useing a technique of pupetry called Supermarionation, wich was prevesly used in Andersons series Stingray, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet.


Model re-uses

Moast of the models from Andersons earlyer series were re-used in The New Adventures of Thomas The Tank Engine.

  • Air Sea Rescue Jets - These jets were reused from the same jets from Thunderbirds.
  • RAF Jets - These models were previously the gray & white UN navy jets in Thunderbirds.
  • NWR Helijet- This model was one of the Monorail Helijets in Thunderbirds.
  • Terrorist Jets - These models were once the hostile aircraft that shot down the USAF RTL-2 Rocket transporter in Thunderbirds.
  • Fireflash - This model is the same Airliner that was used in Thunderbirds.
  • Logging Truck - This model was previously one of the Crablogger Pulp Collection Trucks in Thunderbirds.
  • Quary Manigers Half-Track - This vehicle made a few appearances in Thunderbirds.
  • Ffarquar Tractor - This Truck was used in Thunderbirds as the Grey & Houseman Truck.
  • Sodor Contruction Co. Roadbuilder - This huge model is a reworked version of the Crablogger from Thunderbirds.
  • HMS Victorious - This Aircraft carrier was the WNS Atlantic in Thunderbirds.
  • Mars Probe - The ill-fated Mars probe was the Sunprobe in Thunderbirds, Its transporter was the MSP transporter that was also from Thunderbirds.
  • Large Cargo Plane - This one of a kind model was previously the Mysteronized DT19 Airliner in Captain Scarlet.
  • Sodor Ambulance - This model was reused from the same model from Captain Scarlet.
  • Bulldozer - This model was reworked from the Mysteron Lunar Tank that was in Captain Scarlet.
  • Trailer Truck - The Exact same model was previously used in Captain Scarlet.
  • Moonmobile - This was the exact same model that was used in UFO.
  • Outher reuses includ two of the fire engines from Thunderbirds, the Spectrum VIP trsnsporter from Captain Scarlet, the WASP Helicopter from Stingray and one of the SHADO Mobiles from UFO.


  • Mixed Signals
  • Bad Look-Out
  • Spectrum Lorries
  • Shed Shiver
  • Thomas In Trouble
  • Zero-X
  • Narrow Guage
  • Minutons
  • Ghosts
  • Big Town Freeze



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