The New Adventures of the TUGS is a fan-fiction TUGS series.


The Star Fleet

  • Ten Cents - A tug switcher.
  • Big Mac - A strong Scottish tug.
  • OJ - An old paddle tug.
  • Top Hat - A railway tug.
  • Warrior - A clumsy tug.
  • Hercules - An ocean-going tug.
  • Sunshine - Another switcher. He also the youngest and Ten Cents' best friend.
  • Captain Star - The leader of the Star Fleet.

The Z-Stacks

  • Zorran - The main antagoinst and the Z-Stacks' first tug.
  • Zebedee - The Z-Stacks' second tug.
  • Zak - The Z-Stacks' third tug.
  • Zug - The Z-Stacks' fourth tug.
  • Zip - The Z-Stacks' fifth tug.
  • Captain Zero - The leader of the Z-Stacks.

Other Characters

  • Grampus - A submiriane.
  • Izzy Gomez - A lazy, Mexican tramper.
  • Lillie Lightship - A lightship. In her debut, she becomes Hercules' girlfriend.
  • Sally Seaplane - A seaplane. In the last episode of Season 1, she becomes Ten Cents' girlfriend.
  • Pearl - A barge. In the last episode of Season 2, she becomes Sunshine's girlfriend.
  • Frank and Eddie - Railway barges who mostly work with Top Hat.
  • Lord Stinker - A garbage barge who mostly works with Warrior.
  • Billy Shoepack - An alligator tug.
  • Sea Rogue - A tug who wears an eye patch.
  • Sea Rogue's Uncle - The uncle of Sea Rogue
  • Bluenose - A pompus naval tug.
  • The Fire Tug - The tug in charge when there's a fire.
  • Boomer - A houseboat.
  • Burke & Blair - Tugs who work at the scrapyards.


Season 1

  1. Ten Cents to the Rescue
  2. Top Hat and the New Railway Barges
  3. Sunshine Helps Out
  4. Big Mac's New Hat
  5. Warrior's Big Mistake
  6. Hercules and Lillie
  7. The Search for Lord Stinker

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