The New Crane is a fan-made Thomas and Friends episode idea thought up by BiggestThomasFan.


  • Edward
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Molly
  • Dennis
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Norman (does not speak)
  • Toby (cameo; when Sir Topham Hatt tells Molly to work with Duchess)
  • Harvey (cameo; near the end of the episode)
  • Rosie (cameo; seen shunting when Molly looks for a place to hide)
  • Stanley (cameo; seen collecting a train at the harbor)
  • Ferdinand (cameo; passes Molly at the beginning)
  • BoCo (cameo; seen when Molly puffs into the harbor)
  • Sidney (cameo; passes through the harbor at one point when Molly and Duchess start working together)
  • Bear (cameo; seen when Molly looks for a place to hide)

New Character

  • Duchess the Green Harbor Crane


UK and AUS

  • Mark Moraghan as the Narrator
  • Keith Wickham as Edward, Gordon, James, Sir Topham Hatt and the Yard Manager
  • Teresa Gallagher as Molly
  • Bob Golding as Dennis
  • Olivia Colman as Duchess the Green Harbor Crane
  • Tom Stourton as the Yard Manager


  • Mark Moraghan as the Narrator
  • William Hope as Edward
  • Kerry Shale as Gordon
  • Rob Rackstraw as James
  • Jules de Jongh as Molly
  • Bob Golding as Dennis
  • Olivia Colman as Duchess the Green Harbor Crane
  • Keith Wickham as Sir Topham Hatt and the Yard Manager


Narrator: Molly is a yellow tender engine who works on the Island of Sodor. She mostly works on the main line. Molly is very kind, but also very shy. One day, Sir Topham Hatt came to see Molly.

Molly: Good morning, sir.

Sir Topham Hatt: It certainly is a good morning, Molly. I have an important for today.

Molly: What is it, sir?

Sir Topham Hatt: A new crane named Duchess came over here overnight. She'll be working at Knapford Harbor, and I need an engine to work with her for the day, help her get used to the harbor and shunt trucks by her so she can load them. As the other engines are busy today, I'd like you to work with Duchess.

Molly: Oh, um, okay, sir.

Narrator: But Molly couldn't help feeling nervous as she puffed towards Knapford Harbor. She remembered that some engines at laughed at her for delivering empty trucks when she first arrived.

Molly: What if this new crane laughs at me just because a big tender engine like me is shunting instead of working on the main line?

Narrator: By the time Molly approached Knapford Harbor, she felt very nervous and very shy. She was so shy that she came to a stop.

Molly: What am I going to do?

(James whistles)

James: Molly, you're blocking my way, and I need to get to the harbor.

Molly: Sorry, James.

(Molly pulls forward and switches tracks so James can puff past her)

Narrator: Molly looked towards the harbor. Sure enough, she saw a big crane near the key. She was big and green.

Duchess: Hello. I'm Duchess, the newest crane in the harbor.

James: Hello, Duchess. Welcome to Sodor. I'm James.

Molly: She's pretty big. I don't want her to know that I'll be the one shunting trucks around her. I must get away.

(Molly starts to reverse away from the harbor)

Narrator: Molly was puffing backwards so fast that she didn't see where she was going or what was behind her.

(Gordon whistles and Molly stops just in time)

Gordon: Molly! You need to watch where you're going! You could have caused an accident.

Molly: Sorry, Gordon.

Narrator: Molly puffed around the yard looking for a place to hide. Other engines saw her and were puzzled. Molly reversed between a few lines of vans and shut her eyes hoping no one would see her.

Dennis: Excuse me, Molly.

(Molly opens her eyes)

Dennis: Norman and I have to collect some trucks and they're right behind you. Could you move please so we can collect them?

Molly: Sorry, Dennis. Sorry, Norman.

Narrator: Then the yard manager appeared.

Yard Manager: Molly, what are doing here? You're suppose to be up at the harbor working with that new crane.

Molly: Sorry, sir.

Yard Manager: I've been told that no work is getting done up at the harbor, and now I know why. You need to get up there and start working with that new crane.

Molly: Yes, sir.

Narrator: So Molly puffed up to the harbor yard.

Molly: Here goes nothing. (Puffs up to Duchess) Hello, I'm Molly, and I'll be working with you today.

Duchess: Nice to meet you, Molly. I'm Duchess. I could really use your help right now. Can you please move those trucks forward so I can load them.

Molly: Of course. (Puffs forward and is coupled to the trucks) Here you go.

Duchess: Thank you.

Molly: Also, I'm sorry I didn't come up here right away. I was just feeling shy and nervous about what you'd think about a big engine like me just shunting.

Duchess: Oh, Molly, it doesn't matter what job you do or what others think of it. The most important thing is getting your job done. And I must admit I was a bit nervous about meeting all the engines here on this railway, but I just introduce myself to an engine I've never met and tell them I'm pleased to meet them.

Molly: Thank you, Duchess.

(Edward whistles)

Edward: Hello, Molly. Are those trucks for me?

Molly: Um, I don't know.

Duchess: Those trucks have to go to a place called Wellsworth. I'm Duchess, by the way. I'm pleased to meet you.

Edward: Hello, Duchess. I'm Edward. I'm pleased to meet you too. And those trucks must be for me because I was sent to pick up trucks to take to Wellsworth.

Duchess: Oh, okay.

Narrator: Molly and Duchess worked together all afternoon. And by evening, all their work was done.

Duchess: Thanks for your help today, Molly. You're a good friend.

Molly: Thank you, Duchess. You're a good friend too. And I promise not to hide again the next time I have to work with you or anyone else new that I meet.

Narrator: Molly realized that she shouldn't be shy when someone new is around. She just had to introduce herself and show that she can be a good friend.

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