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Season 1

  1. Mr. Small
  2. Mr. Tall
  3. Mr. Uppity
  4. Mr. Nosey
  5. Mr. Strong
  6. Mr. Greedy
  7. Little Miss Splendid
  8. Little Miss Magic
  9. Little Miss Star
  10. Mr. Dizzy
  11. Mr. Tickle
  12. Little Miss Naughty
  13. Little Miss Greedy
  14. Little Miss Twins
  15. Mr. Rush
  16. Mr. Clumsy
  17. Mr. Noisy
  18. Mr. Happy
  19. Little Miss Chatterbox
  20. Mr. Perfect
  21. Mr. Grumpy
  22. Mr. Messy
  23. Mr. Cheerful
  24. Mr. Snow
  25. Mr. Grumble
  26. Little Miss Neat

Season 2

  1. Mr. Forgetful
  2. Mr. Skinny
  3. Mr. Busy
  4. Mr. Mischief
  5. Mr. Daydream
  6. Mr. Funny
  7. Little Miss Scatterbrain
  8. Little Miss Shy

Season 3

  1. Season 3 will introduce Littl Miss Busy and some other residents to Dillydale.

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