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The New Organization

A Forum based off of the popular videogame series Kingdom Hearts [[1]], this RP (role-play) follows the story and happenings of a group of OC (original character) Nobodies [[2]] (beings without Hearts like the Heartless [[3]], mainly comprised of the soul, will, and memories of their original Somebody) whom have come together to form a new Organization under the watch of the original Organization XIII [[4]].

:The Creation Of The Forum:

--> "I came up with the forum because I had literally nothing else to do with my time, and thought it'd give other people something to do as well. I mean, some people must read what's going on, right? And I never thought it'd turn out so well. Seriously... I thought we'd be together 3 months max."

~ Axira

:The Role Players Of The Forum:

The New Organization has a total number of thirteen active role-players (the numbers have increased and decreased at times), although the actual people have changed over time.

When first announced in 2008, a total of nine roleplayers signed up by November 30th, the day before the forum offically opened. Around December 10th, the forum gained two more roleplayers for a total of eleven members. On December 31st, the twelfth member was acquired. And on January 2nd, the thirteenth and final member joined the forum. At that time, we had truly become The New Organization.

On May 4th, the tenth member to join left the forum.

On June 22nd, another roleplayer joined to take her place, and we became a full Organization again.

On November 12th, another member had to leave.

On May 14th, 2009, another roleplayer left, but then joined back on the forum again on July 5th.

During that period, our most recent newest member joined June 7th.

The Moderators (Mods)

Axira (the creator of the forum)

--> Nickname: Axi. Main OC: Axial

"I found out about the forum through making it ^^. I obviously wanted to join because of my overly obsessive knowledge and fangirlism of Organization XIII. Axial came because I wanted someone with a direct link to Xemnas to be in charge, at least at first. She's based completely on myself, but I'm slightly less insane. And, though it may seem strange, I love the forum =3"


--> Nickname: Cy. Main OC: Rixon

"Well, I obviously found out about the forum through Axi, seeing as I was watching her play a game while she was making it. I decided to join to meet new people, as well as have some fun. I had Rixon in my mind for a while (at least a year) before Axi made this, but never as a Nobody. The inspiration came from little bits of my friends and myself (if I included RT, Rixon would've been intellectual). And I think the forum is perhaps the best thing that happens to me all day, every day. I'm going to be extremely sad when we finally have to part ways."


--> Nickname: Wy, Wormy, Wy-Wy, or WRYYYYYrmhero. Main OC: Layax

"To put it simply, I found one of Axira's stories, and upon seeing the summary, instantly thought 'Mary Sue'. So, I read a bit, and offered some advice to help avoid the Sueness. After a while, we kept PMing each other (Novemember time). I was the first to join, I think, other than Axira and Cy.

I like RPing. Its that simple. I came up with Layax a long while ago, although she was more like her current form. She used to be a mage with power over energy. Then, I realised how powerful this was, and changed it to poison. Inspiration? Not from MtG. Mainly from general computer games I play in which mages play a part. Tifa was also used, and so was the FFI Monk class. The mage part was generally taken from Dungeon Seige, and the Time Mage class of FF. Later on, I used templates from MtG, and spells from D&D and Fall from Heaven.

I think its a great way to RP. I enjoy my time on it, and I think its changed me. I've managed to influence other people, and they've influenced me. E.G. I told you about Civ IV, and I learnt of Deathnote from AB."


--> Nickname: Xed or Emo. Main OC: Xed

"I found out about the forum through reading one of Axira's stories. I mistaked her for a friend from another website, and PMed her about it. Then I looked at her profile and read about the forum. It seemed cool, so I decided to sign up. My OC (Xed) was already made, so I decided to use her as my character. She's everything I am, minus her appearance and her story. Her lifestyle, though, is something I wish I could have for it's far more exciting than mine. I think the RP is really amazing, and more than just a forum. We've all become really close friends, and I have no idea what I'd do without all you guys. We're all just one big crazy family, and I love every day of it. I'm lucky to be a part of this."

Everyone Else (in order of joining)


--> Nickname: KCNF or KFC. Main OC: Maxia

"I saw Axi's story about Demyx, because I was once a fangirl of him too, so I swore never to click on her story, EVER.

But for some reason, I couldn't help but click the link, left a review, and joined.

I made up Maxia because I really like the color red, twins, and a bubbly personality, but I never expected her to be like she is now.

There was no inspiration for Maxia, I made her up by myself, with the help of my Inner, Maya.

I think the forum is the closest thing I have to a second family, it's basically the only reason I come to , or my reason for being lonely without it.

In truth, I can get angry at someone but I ALWAYS feel bad about it, I don't know what would've happened to me if I didn't click the link."

GeassSamurai (formerly known as RagnarokSamurai)

--> Nickname: RS, FS, or GS. Main OC: Navix

"I found out about this forum by reading Axi's stories. I decided to join because it sounded interesting. I came up with Navix because I needed an OC, and I based him off myself almost entirely personality-wise at first, and the details of his life also come from mine. At the same time, some parts of Navix are what I wish I could be. I wish I could be as decisive or skillful as he is, for example. I think the forum is more than just a place to RP. I think we've developed a closeness that allows us to share and genuinely help each other with our problems even though we're miles and miles apart. I'm just glad to have been a part of this place."

Arrancar Piros (formerly known as Piros The Third)

--> Nickname: EP or Piros. Main OC: Xanthan

"How I found about the forum? RS told me. Why I decided to join? RS asked me to. How I came up with Xanthan? I just wanted to make a evil OC. Nothing inspired me to make him. I just made him up at random, mostly. What I think? I think the forum has gotten pretty boring. I feel neutral toward everyone on the forum."


--> Nickname: AB. Main OC: Bex

"Well, I had seen Axi's stories a bunch of times, but never read them. Before I did read one, I decided to check out her profile. I checked it a bunch of times before deciding to join. I joined because I had nothing better to do. Bex was a character in progress before I joined. She always gave me problems when I tried to fit her in my stories, though. Her inspiration was me and my sister.

The forum. It's.... It's hard to describe. Sometimes I love how well you all can read me, but other times I hate it. I don't know what I'd be like right now without you guys, nor do I want to know. I... I really can't imagine my life without you guys now. You've changed me for the better. That's all."


--> Nickname: CH. Main OC: Xat

"I found out about the forum when skimming through fanfics and reading Axira's by chance... she said at the end she wanted OCs for a roleplaying forum and I didn't really know what that was so I PMed her and asked her.

She said something about 'escaping reality' and that was what made me want to join. 'Cause as you know this year I had really big exams and I needed something, ANYTHING to escape from the stress.

I came up with Xat in a very roundabout way. My friend and I were talking about what our Nobodies would be like and I sort of created Xat. I write and daydream all the time and generally live in a total fantasy that's how she got her power. My name is Catriona so Catriona + X = Xatricona. She's part of a group of 8 female characters I have, each with their own story (I refer to the as 'The Girls' LOL) so her personality was influenced by them... the Wonderland and insanity part I thought went well with her powers, but was also influenced by The Girls... I have another character who is more crazy than Xat so she was sort of a milder version of her. So, when I needed an OC, Xat was the first one I thought of LOL!

What do I think of the forum? Load of rubbish! LOL, I kid. I think it's so much fun... I gain great pleasure from wasting my day on it. And I think everyone on the forum is awesome you're all very genuine people, despite this being the internet LOL."

NAX . Cookie -n- Cream . NAX

--> Nickname: CnC. Main OC: Nax

"You (Emo) told me to join. You told me to join (and if not you were going to eat my icecream or something... yeah I still remember that) (Emo: I didn't say that! >:P) How/why Nax: I am my own inspiration for her, everything she says out loud is what I think... seriously... I don't say those things though, not because of lack of being bold or any of that -chuckle- but because most of it is rude. I wanted to make her so that I could express myself freely without any one being mad at me, instead at her. =] Poor Nax is my little dumby.

The forum :: IT SUX. -JK, I love it, the community is nice and it was my own horrible schedual that made me dis-ban, other then that I would have stayed."


--> Nickname: Ben. Main OC: Dix

Info is TBP

Original Queen Xalele

--> Nickname: QX. Main OC: Xalele

"I found out about the forum while browsing in the kingdom hearts forum section. I checked it out and saw that they still had positions open, and I was like, HELL YEAH! I haven't really been involved with a lot of RPG-based forums, and I really wanted to get into one... I'm glad I chose this one.

Xalele is a personification of a part of my personality (The badass). I've always loved playing badass characters. Originally, her name was Exscien and she wasn't so freakin' ugly, and her powers were over the apocalypse. I changed it when I heard the song 'Synthetic Apocalypse' to reality for some reason... dunno why. She was sort of a song-fic character, based off the trance works of Musix. I do that with a lot of my characters, really... Also, she was a stupid and lackadaisical version of one of my private RPG characters.

I love the people in this forum. Seriously. You're all family to me. I'd do anything for you guys. The actual RPG and the RPG characters, though, needs a bit of help, IMO... We're not really a kingdom hearts RPG anymore, and the amount of crossovers is stifling. Plus, there are waaaaayyyyyyy too many invincible OCs and power-play plots going on here. Like, wooooaaaah *Has a Xigbar moment*."

Echo The Ethereal Swordsmaster

--> Nickname: AE. Main OC: Xumi

Info is TBP


--> Nickname: ZG or Zanny. Main OC: Noxcolt

"I found out about the forum from GS. I decided to join because GS insisted and I had no life at the time. I also though it would be interesting because of what GS had told me about the forum. I came up with Noxcolt because I wanted to make a really different character from the rest, and I used inspiration from school and Bleach, XD. The forum is cool, its members make me feel accepted, meaning that there's more chance for you to get to have fun. And I also think that the topics we get into are extremely hilarious, and definitely are worth the time spent here. :)"


--> Nickname: Shadow, SD, SDA. Main OC: Jax

Info is TBP

:The Story Of The Nobodies:

Under a pitch black sky glittered with a thousand stars, in a city that drew it's life from the heart-shaped moon above it, surrounded the most heart-broken nightmarish creatures one could only imagine and fear, was a grand citadel, floating in mid-air. And within it, The Organization XIII. The Superior, Xemnas, decided another Organization of Nobodies would be best if they wished to reach their own personal goals, and for the completion of Kingdom Hearts.

Placing his own sister, a young teenager named Axial, in charge of the new group of hopefuls, he believed that with 26 Nobodies instead of 13, they could finally reach what they desired most.

And thus, The New Organization was born.

However...things never go as planned.

The new group was mostly established rather quickly, but a few positions were still open, and over time some members were found to be rather flighty and tended to come and go. But nevertheless, there were steady progressions. Friendships forged into everlasting bonds that even time itself couldn't break. Trust was both developed and lost. People showed their true colors and enemies and traitors arose among the ranks. Betrayals ocurred, backs were turned, fights were had and lost and won. There were good times, and there were bad times.

But some how, that made everyone stronger in the end.

Despite personal relations between the members, each Nobody shares a certain special bond with each other. For, when it comes down to it, they are all on the same team. They all want what the other wants, and if they must, they'll usually put their differences aside to defend what they hold most precious. For no matter how different they may be, they are all Nobody.

They are Nobodies. They are enemy to the worlds, to the villains, to the heroes, and to themselves.

And that will never change.

The New Organization: [[5]]

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