The Original Story 4 is an upcoming movie that is written and directed by Roc. It stars Puss in Boots as John, Woody as Larry, Alicia, Alterie as Kyle and Brandon as Max. The movie is set for a December 18, 2015. The movie is set to be into production on January 1, 2014. It's the sequel to The New Original Story, The Original Story 2 and The Original Story 3.


After leaving New York City John and his friends decide to return to suburbia.


John and his friends decide to go home. Jessie finds some paper and transforms Joardon and Rick into paper humans.

John can only find a cliff not-too high just small enough for everyone to climb on.  While runing home,  Jessie has turned Gina, Ms. Wendy and Patty into a paper figures. He places the girls into machine wich places paper with gluey textures. John runs away from home. John, Larry, Alicia, Kyle and Max go to Club-10-15. John demands Jessie to turn Patty to her original human form.  Instead of turning Alicia into a paper figure, she then use's green cream wich turns Alicia into her original form (Green Candace from The New Original Story). John does'nt   fight Candace, she use's his wand to turn Candace back into Alicia. Alicia use's Dark brown to turn Gina and Patty back into their human forms.  Jessie decides to see what it would be like for her if she were green. She use's the green cream on her skin wich has a gluey texture on it. She turns herself  green wich means she's not Jessie for 3-minites. John claims to Alicia that she'll be green forever if she's not fixed to her regular form.  She does'nt reconize Alicia, Annie or Timika at all. She see's them as her enemies.  John turns Jessie back to her regular form. Jessie promise's to be good.   John, Alicia, Kyle and Brandon go home. But before going home John keeps the green cream and paper strips away from Alicia and Jessie. To do this John puts the green cream into the paper machine wich turns the cream to paper once and for all. John and his friends return to Suburbia.

By: Roc.


Puss in Boots as John.

Woody as Larry.

Shaketa as Alicia.

Alterie as Kyle.

Brandon as Max. 

Amanda as Ellie.

Lisa as Leslie.

Dr. Mary as Amy.

By: Roc.


Ms. Nicole's charectar Jessie looks like The Repatori thearphist Mary's charectar Amy.

By: Roc.

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