The New PB&J Otter Show is an upcoming new television series starring the characters from the previous PB&J Otter show. This time, PB&J and their friends have more adventures and fun.

All the characters return from the previous show, except for their voice actors. However, Gina Marie Tortorici and Cody Penees return as Butter Otter and Scootch Raccoon Here are the new voice actors for each character:

Peanut: Now voiced by Zachary Gordon

Jelly: Now voiced by Katie McGovern

Flick Duck: Now voiced by Phil LaMarr

Munchy Beaver: Now voiced by Wally Wingert

Ootsie Snootie: Now voiced by Tom Kenny

Bootsie Snootie: Now voiced by Tara Strong

Pinch Raccoon: Now voiced by Madison Pettis

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