The New T-o-s is a sequel to T-o-s.


Larry has kids with Melissa they go to a circus home (The Original University) but the event gets worse they'll have to stay for 16 days its up to Larry to save his sons, Dylan and Jack.

By: Roc.


John, Alicia, Kyle and Max prepare to rescue Larry.

Larry meets Kevin, Roc, and Azriel. John brings Larry home.  Larry goes home to watch Tv.  Larry goes to Jake's house, Max goes fishing.  Larry watches Looney Tunes. When John, Larry, Alicia, Kyle, and Max go to Club-10-15 only to find out Melissa, and the Teengirls are no longer fictional. Melissa, Kelly and Jessica speak to Larry about their life. Larry suggest Melissa go first. Melissa explains that they were created by an artist and had escaped and put into the form of being real. Kelly tells John that she poked a hole into the paper. Jessica then explains to Alicia, Kyle, and Max that she got tired of being animated.  Melissa is bought home with John and his friends. 

By: Roc.


Javen as John.

Kahlid as Larry.

Rachel Ray Willaims as Alicia.

Alterie as Kyle.

Brandon as Max.

Parodied Charectars

Melissa as Melissa (spoofed of Melissa: The book charectar).

Ms. Tia as Kelly (spoof of Kelly).

Rayah as Annie (spoofed of Annie).

Kyel as Jessica (spoof of Jessica).

Layla as Timika Tammy (spoofed into Timika).

Ms. Andrea as Wineyada (spoofed into Gina).

Ms. Shakera as Wendy (spoofed into Ms. Wendy).

Ms. Pat as Clar (spoof into Patty). 

By: Roc.

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