The Nicktoon Movie is ZackLEGOHarryPotter's movie-spoof of The Muppet Movie.


  • SpongeBob SquarePants as Kermit the Frog
  • XJ-4 (My Life as a Teenage Robot) as Miss Piggy
  • Tommy Pickles (Rugrats/All Grown Up) as Fozzie Bear
  • Timmy Turner as Gonzo
  • Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life) as Rowlf
  • Heffer (Rocko's Modern Life) as Scooter
  • Ren Hoek (Ren & Stimpy) as Dr. Teeth
  • Filburt (Rocko's Modern Life) as Animal
  • Spunky (Rocko's Modern Life) as Floyd Pepper
  • Doug Funnie (Doug) as Janice
  • Stimpson J Cat (Ren & Stimpy) as Zoot
  • Jimmy Neutron as Bunsen Honeydew
  • Sheen Estevez (Planet Sheen) as Beaker
  • Bev Bighead (Rocko's Modern Life) as Camilla the Chicken
  • Ed Bighead (Rocko's Modern Life) as Sweetums
  • Chuck (Rocko's Modern Life) as Robin the Frog
  • Muddy Mudskupper and Mr. Horse (Ren & Stimpy) as Statler and Waldorf
  • Chuckie Finster (Rugrats) as Sam the Eagle
  • Philip DeVille (Rugrats) as Lew Zealand
  • Leon (Rocko's Modern Life) as The Swedish Chef
  • Dillon Pickles (Rugrats) as Crazy Harry

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