• Johnny Crawfish as Kermit the Frog
  • Bonita Flamingo as Miss Piggy
  • Planet Pup as Fozzie Bear
  • Warloworth Q. Weasel as Gonzo
  • Noddy as Jim Hawkins
  • Noah as Billy Bones
  • Granny Duck as Mrs. Bluveridge
  • Gertie Gator as Big-Fat-Ugly-Bug-Faced-Baby-Eating-O'Brien
  • Eduardo (from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) as Angel Marie
  • Bloo (from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) as Calico
  • Patrick Star (from SpongeBob SquarePants) as One-Eyed Jack
  • Perry the Platypus (from Phineas and Ferb) as Rizzo the Rat
  • Owl (from Winnie the Pooh) as Sam the Eagle
  • Shere Khan (from The Jungle Book) as Polly Lobster
  • Scar (from The Lion King) as Mad Monty
  • Dr. Facilier (from The Princess and the Frog) as Long John Silver
  • Olaf (from Frozen) as Clueless Morgan
  • Baymax (from Big Hero 6) as Spa'am

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