The Numtums Movie is a 2014 3D computer-animated comedy film produced by Universal Pictures and BBC Films. It is based on the Numtums show.


  • ?? as Bendy Go, A male Numtum (Number 1)
  • ?? as Dar Dar, A female Numtum (Number 2)
  • ?? as Champer, A male Numtum (Number 3)
  • ?? as Gladdy, A female Numtum (Number 4)
  • ?? as Little Sandy, A female Numtum (Number 5)
  • ?? as Flinders, A male Numtum (Number 6)
  • ?? as Humpty Do, A male Numtum (Number 7)
  • ?? as Coogee, A female Numtum (Number 8)
  • ?? as Hobart, A male Numtum (Number 9)
  • ?? as Nimbin, A female Numtum (Number 10)

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