The Nutty Professor Show is a Chinese-animated television series based on the 2012 anime movie, The Nutty Professors. The cartoon is about two scientists who use a special elixer that transforms them into a new personality. The starring voices are Jerry Lewis, Eddie Murphy, Drake Bell, Doc Shaw, Janice Kawaye and Diedrich Bader.

The show aires in Nicktoons in January 23, 2012.


In Japan, two scientist boys (Harold and Sheldon) find there grandfahter's special elixer known as the "Coolixer" in the cartoon show, in which causes there alter-egos to be released.


Harold Kelp/Jack Love

Harold Kelp

A Caucasian nerd who is the grandson of scientist, Julius Kelp who was the first to invent the Coolixer. He made numerous inventions in which the neighborhood hates due to their side-effects. He hates dodgeball and he is very nerdy. When he drank the elixer, he became the most popular kid in school known as Jack Love. Harold's robot, Roxie, is his assistant, who is voiced by Roz Ryan.

Jack Love

A major destructive alter-ego of Harold Kelp who is the grandson of popular laid-back hipster, Buddy Love who is the alter-ego of Julius Kelp. Jack was created after Harold drank the elixer. Jack sports a spiked haircut along with an armor similar too video-game characters. Jack has supernatural powers that can kill anyone.

Both Harold and Jack are voiced by singer, Drake Bell.

Sherman Klump/Black Love

Sherman Klump

An African-American nerd who is overweighted and is the grandson of scientist, Sherman Klump, who invented an elixer that was meant to lose weight but changed his personality too, like Julius. His favorite food is a kappamiki, a type of sushi. He loves doing calculations and enjoys playing basketball from time to time, but actually hates it due to getting hit all of the time. Sherman is usually the butt of the joke most of the time. He has an alter-ego named Black.

Black Love

A major destructive alter-ego of Sherman Klump who is the grandson of slim wrestler, Studdly Love who is the alter-ego of Sherman Klump. Black is the strongest man in the school and the most flexible, able to lift up anyone and anything. Due to racial conserns, some episodes calls Black Love the nickname "Bruce Love".

Both Sherman and Black are voiced by actor, Doc Shaw.

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