The Nutty Professors is a South Korean-Japanese animated theatrical film based on all of the Nutty Professor's series of films. Drake Bell and Doc Shaw star as Harold Kelp and Sheldon Klump, grandsons of scientists: Julius Kelp and Sherman Klump. The film bears similarities to the CGI movie of the same name including the same characters. Jerry Lewis and Eddie Murphy reprise their roles from the original movies.

This is the first DreamWorks film fully animated with traditional ink and paint animation.

An animated series based on the movie is being produced starring Drake Bell, Doc Shaw, Janice Kawaye, Jerry Lewis and Eddie Murphy from the movie. The show will be animated with Flash-animation and it's picked up by Toonzai. The show's title is "The Nutty Professor Show".


In the year 2044 in the Cubix: Robots for Everyone universe at a fictional town with a huge Japanese population, to impress a girl named Kyoko (Janice Kawaye), Harold Kelp (Drake Bell) and Sheldon Klump (Doc Shaw), grandsons of scientists Julius Kelp (Lewis) and Sherman Klump (Murphy) who both made potions that transforms there personalities, have found their secret elixer in which they release their destructive alter-egos, Jack and Black.


  • Although the original sequel was made with computer animation, the movie is animated with traditional animation with styles of Flash animation. The characters' designs are made by Teen Titans creator, Glen Murakami, who is currently working on the character models for the Ben 10 series.
  • Julius and Sherman have not virtually aged into senior citizens as they are grandparents and they both made the elixers in the 1960s. It is possible that they were teenagers at the time.
  • Some of the character's colors for the Cubix characters are not correct due to the production being made by hand-drawn animation.
  • Despite being the same one from the CGI Nutty Professor, Harold's glasses are different.
  • Because the movie was in an Asian production, the show's setting is a Little Tokyo-like place in a future setting of San Francisco.
  • The CGI movie is a sequel to only the Jerry Lewis movies while this movie is based on all of the Nutty Professor movies (Lewis and Murphy).
  • Because of both of the actors name is Buddy Love, Murphy's alter-ego is changed to Studdly Love.

References to the original film

  • The sushi bar where the kids hangout is called "The Sushi Pit", parodying the original film's nightclub, The Purple Pit. In additon, Jack & Black (referencing to the pizza in his hand) paraphrases Buddy Love to Kyoko "Want some?".
  • The Alaskan Polar Bear Heater was referenced in the movie. Instead of being a cocktail, it was an energy soft drink. The ingredients are: two shots of chocolate milk, a little cherry soda, some fruit punch, a smidgen of strawberry syrup, a shot of grape soda, a shot of malt, a lemon peel, a lime peel and some more juices. He then asks him to mix it nice and poor it in the tea glass. In addition, the bartender asks for a sip and once he drank it, he freezes like a statute, similar to the original film.


  • Drake Bell as Harold Kelp: The grandson of Julius Kelp who was picked on and teased alot. He made numerous inventions that always seem to go wrong accoring to the neighborhood. His alter-ego is Jack Love, the grandson of Buddy Love.
  • Doc Shaw as Sheldon Klump: The grandson of Sherman Klump who was teased because of his weight. He loves eating and calculating methods. His favoite food is sushi and helps Harold with his inventions. His alter-ego is Black Love, grandson of Studdly Love. Both of the grandkid's alter-ego's names are a homage to actor, Jack Black, who voices Fredrick.
  • Janice Kawaye as Kyoko Makahari: A Japanese-American girl who loves feng shui and has a crush on both Harold and Sheldon. They try to win their heart. At the end of the episode, she drinks the elixer, turning her into a sexy dancer, who is unoffiically known as Lovely Love in the credits.
  • Jerry Lewis as Julius Kelp: Harold's grandfather who was the true inventor of the elixer. His alter-ego is the famous hipster, Buddy Love. He is Harold's professor in the Japanese Science School.
  • Eddie Murphy as Sherman Klump: Sheldon's grandfather who was also the true inventor of the elixer. His alter-ego is the famous strongman and flexer, Studdly Love. He is Sherman's professor in the Japanese Science School.
  • Curtis Armstrong as Mucus: A nerd with disgusting dirty habits; parody of Booger from Revenge of the Nerds.
  • Daisuke Suzuki as Yamato Yuki: Kyoko's overprotective cousin who speaks fluent Japanese and broken English who is also a nerd. Parody of Takashi Toshiro from Revenge of the Nerds.
  • Jack Black as Fredrick Sambayori: A Chinese bully who's father owns the Sushi bar and plans to kill the Loves because there hitting on his crush, Kyoko. He is the main antagonist of the film, besides the Loves.
  • Cari Hiroyuki-Tagawa as Uncle Sito: Kyoko's wise uncle who loves him very much.
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Aristotle "Ari" Yakkasuke: Based on Snake Jailbird from the Simpsons, he is a hipster with a shotgun who escapes from his prison.
  • Harry Sharer as Bitobito: Based on Waylon Smithers from The Simpsons, he is Fredrick's sidekick and record keeper.
  • Keone Young as Mr. Wang Sambayori: A sushi chef who owns the Sushi Pit. On Wednesday's, he owns a discount on wasabi sauce.
  • Andrew Rannells as Connor: A young boy who is obsessed with robots. He lives in Bubble Town, the main setting of the series, despite the show taking place in a Little Tokyo area with the coordinates in San Franciso.
  • Veronica Taylor as Abby: Connor's friend. As he had a robot named Cubix, her robot is Dondon.
  • Amy Birnbaum as Chip: A young genius who is also friends with Connor. Has a robot named Cerebrix.
  • Jimmy Zoppi as Mong: Chip's overweight friend. Has a robot named Maximix.

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