The Old Folks
The Old Folks
Run Time30 mins
Creator(s)Brett Barnett
StarringDanielle Shimwell

Jake Buckingham
Ruby McGowan
Toni Buckingham
and Danielle Shimwell (again).

Original RunDecember 27 2003, October 31 2004, May 2007 -
# of Episodes15 (including christmas special) + 2 pilot episodes

The old folks was a tlptv show which ended in 2004. it was greenlit for a remake, but never made it past pre-production.


The show revolves around the residents of Riverview Mental stabilitation Home, who all have a disorder that causes them to believe they are older than they actually are.



Danielle has become right at home in the home since she was admitted and is now best friends with Albert and Liz.


Albert has much more wrong with him than usual. He has various mental disorders including severe depression.

Mr Cop

Mr Cop is a high up cop at the Riverview Police Department and isn't as smart as he may seem. His catchphrase is 'Yessir, You called for a police man.'


Elizabeth, or Liz as she prefers to be called is the unfortunate old folk who had her baby stolen.


Dozy is the one who can't stay awake very long.

Minor Characters


Doc is a 'certified' doctor who owns and runs the home entirely by herself.

Spy Cop

Spy Cop is a cop who works with Mr Cop at the Riverview Police Department. He spends a lot of his time filming the home, trying to catch the old folks doing something incriminating, but he hasn't had much luck yet.

Even minorer Characters

Boss Cop

Boss cop is a character who doesn't appear in the series. He is Mr Cop and Spy Cop's boss.


Season 1

1.01 The beginning
1.02 Danielle and the time left
1.03 Albert and the dog
1.03 Danielle and the world record
1.05 Mr Cop and the Murder Mystery
1.06 Albert and the magic show
1.07 Old folks and some other stuff pt 1
1.08 Old folks and some other stuff pt 2
1.09 Dozy and the recovery
1.10 Albert and the jail
1.11 Danielle and the law suit
1.12 Mr Cop and the bribe
1.13 Liz and the welcome home
1.14 Old folks and the fire etc.

And Old Folks Christmas Carol (Christmas special)
This story is the old folks version of the christmas carol by charles dickens.

The Pilots

0.01 That Damn Baby! 0.02 That Damn Child!

That damn Baby!

This story is the inspiration for Liz's missing baby storyline. In this, Mr Cop is sent to investigate when Zoe's baby gets kidnapped.

That Damn Child!

Mr Cop claims to have found the baby, the only thing is it seems to have aged 9 years. Meanwhile, the old folks relocate to another home.

The Future

After the christmas special, there may be a season two, but we are not sure, although we expect to know by the christmas special.

The Old Folks
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